5 Best Toogh Tent Reviews for Camping in 2020

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Spending time camping outdoors can be one of the most fulfilling experiences for anyone. However, you have to get the right gear. Camping doesn’t require a lot of stuff. 

But one thing you really need is a tent. And we aren’t talking about just any tent. You need a durable tent that can withstand the outdoor weather including heavy rain and strong winds.

Well, in case you’re in the market for a camping tent, don’t worry. In this Toogh tent review, we’ll give you all the information you need, including some of the best models on the market right now.

1. Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

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This Toogh pop-up tent is the perfect outdoor gear for any camper or backpacker. It’s generally sturdy and durable in its design. 

It’s made using non-stretch polyester with extra rip-stop. This delivers outstanding strength both on the tent’s floor and on the outer shell. This tent also comes with a lot of space for sleeping. Its breathable interior can easily fit up to 4 people at any given time.

We also loved the fact that the tent is easy to set up. With its hexagon-shaped structure and fourth-generation hydraulic technology, it delivers excellent value for money. It’s also very stylish and looks quite appealing from the inside and outside. 

The Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent is one of the best options to go for if you need a durable model.

  • Made of quality waterproof fabric
  • High-quality and unique design
  • Comes with two doors
  • It’s easy to set up
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with no instruction manuals so you’ll have to figure out everything on your own

2. Toogh Waterproof 3 Season Tent

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The Toogh Waterproof 3 Season Tent is a high-quality pop up tent designed for three people. It comes with two doors and two windows that offer proper ventilation during hot days. 

The tent is also easy to put up and tear down. Think of it as opening an umbrella. It’s just that simple. Many campers prefer to use an instant tent every time they’re outdoors. After all, no one really wants to spend a lot of time setting up a tent. And it seems like the folks at Toogh have solved this with the Toogh Waterproof 3 Season Tent.

The tent is elegantly designed to offer a stylish look at an affordable price. For all its features, this tent seems like a bargain, offering good value for money. 

It’s also a highly versatile unit. It can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities, not just camping. At 7.5 pounds in weight, the Toogh Waterproof 3 Season Tent can be carried around anywhere.

It also comes with a nice little porch and a lot of accessory pockets on the inside for the ultimate organization during your next camping expedition. The tent is rated 35 mph for winds. This means that it can pretty much stand up against relatively strong winds without bending.

However, it’s important to note that, while this tent can handle three people, it really gets crowded in there. In case you’re looking for a tent that delivers more legroom for a party of three, perhaps the Toogh Waterproof 3 Season Tent won’t be the best option to go for. 

Nonetheless, it’s a solid unit that comes with a great variety of features.

  • Versatile enough to be used for a wide range of outdoor events
  • Comes with outstanding features for the price
  • Can be set up and torn down easily
  • Tough and durable construction
  • You may have trouble accommodating three adults in it
  • The tent may not be fully waterproof

3. Toogh 5-6 Person Camping Big Horn Tent

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The Toogh 5-6 Person Camping Big Horn Tent is designed for people who prioritize three simple things – waterproofing, durability, and space. The tent can handle any weather and will keep you dry and warm all night long. 

It features a traditional square dome design and even though this may not be the most efficient shape for carrying and set up, there’s still enough room inside to accommodate up to six people. The tent is also highly durable. It can withstand the torments of tough weather a lot better than many other products available on the market.

Besides, the primary entrance comes with a mosquito net that will keep those nagging bugs and insects away. The tent measures 8.35 lbs. in weight for easy portability as well. Even though this isn’t the lightest option out there, it’s still light enough to carry, especially for backpackers.

The versatility of the Toogh 5-6 Person Camping Big Horn Tent is also worth noting. With its thick frame and sturdy design, it can literally be used in any outdoor event. Whether you’re planning a backyard party or a camping expedition away from home, you’ll definitely love it. 

The tent is especially suitable for areas that get heavy storms and strong winds. It’s definitely rated among the top tents in our Toogh tent review.

  • Comes with a dense mosquito net to keep off bugs and other insects
  • You get a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer
  • Offers large space to accommodate up to 6 people
  • Made using high-quality waterproof fabrics
  • Thick frame for durability and strength
  • Some users have complained the zipper doesn’t work well

4. Toogh 3-4 Person Backpacking Tent

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This sturdy pop up tent has a unique design compared to other models on the market. Instead of using spring metal frames, the Toogh 3 Season Sundome Pop Up Tent comes with hinged tent poles. 

The poles are easy to use and can be retracted and deployed within just 60 seconds. This makes set up and disassembly absolutely fast and easy.

The tent also features a solid and strong design. It’s made of waterproof fabric that can stand up even in the toughest weather. The tubular frame in this tent will play an important role during strong winds and heavy rain as well. You get two large entry doors each with a mesh window.

The Toogh 3 Season Sundome Pop up Tent features mesh sidewall vents to ensure you get the perfect view of the outdoor environment. However, even though the tent is designed for 2-3 people, we recommend a maximum of two adults. The tent tends to be quite crowded once a third person joins the party.

But if we’re talking about two adults and one kid, then you can make it work. In general, this tent is suited for those exciting casual weekend adventures. 

If you’re a hardcore camper in areas with extreme weather, you may want to take a look at other sturdier more durable options than the Toogh 3 Season Sundome Pop Up Tent.

  • Can accommodate up to 3 adults
  • 15-day money-back guarantee
  • Comes with its own carrier bag
  • Offers dual doors for easy entry
  • Made of waterproof fabric
  • Easy to set up
  • May not be very durable

5. Toogh 2-3 Person Camping Tent 4 Season

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This high-end pop up tent is designed to accommodate up to 4 people. This makes it a great choice for families or close friends planning outdoor adventures. The tent is also easy to set up as well. You won’t have to deal with annoying poles and set up manuals. It’s more or less like an umbrella. It literally takes seconds to pop out anytime. The tent also features a zippered screen and a durable nylon external door.

You’ll get two clear windows on each side to help you better appreciate the outdoors. The windows also feature mesh screens to ensure that cold and breezy air flows through while keeping mosquitoes and other annoying bugs away. 

The Toogh 2-3 Person Camping Tent also features storage pockets on the inside for all your camping stuff. There’s a loop at the top where you can hang an electric light at night. The product is also foldable and comes with its own carrying case for easy portability.

  • Don’t require poles or manuals to set up
  • Set up and disassembly are quite easy
  • Can easily fit up to 4 people
  • Offers good value for money
  • May not be able to withstand tough winds
  • Some feel it is made of cheap materials

How to Choose the Best Toogh Tent

toogh camping tent 1

There’s a great variety of pop up tents in the market right now. Although picking up one isn’t that hard, there are still a few factors you have to keep in mind as you do this.

The following guide should help you single out a suitable tent that will give you the best value for your money.


The first thing you need to do before buying a tent is to decide on the number of people you’re going to be bringing to camp. If your family is made up of three people, for example, you must always choose a pop-up tent that can easily accommodate everyone. 

Also, don’t forget to factor space for the pet and extra camping gear that may need to go into the tent for the night. A good rule would be to buy a tent that offers space for 1 or 2 more people.

For instance, as a family of three, instead of buying a tent that accommodates just the three of you, consider going for one that can hold up to four or five people. 

This will leave you with enough extra room for camping gear or pets if needed. The good news is that pop up tents are available in almost all sizes. You can always find something suitable for your family.

Waterproof Fabric

It’s funny how everyone seems to assume that every tent is waterproof. That’s actually not the case. 

Some tents may be rated as waterproof but lack enough strength to withstand even the lightest rain. One thing you can do to ensure you’re protected at all times is to make sure that your tent has sealed seams. This will prevent water from leaking in.

The fabric should also be made from certain waterproof materials. Fabrics like silpoly and silnylon are commonly used in waterproof tents these days. However, waterproof tents obviously cost more money. 

In case you’re planning a camping expedition on the beach or in a location where there’s barely any rain, there’s no need to spend those extra dollars on a waterproof tent. Just go for a normal tent with average fabrics to save yourself some money.


Tents will solely rely on guylines and stakes for the perfect pitch. In most pop out tents, the frame is made of spring wires that can support themselves. 

Despite this, you should use stakes and guylines to prevent the tent from blowing over during strong winds. A majority of tents will have all these accessories in the package.

But, in some cases, you may be required to add reflective strings to the guylines to enhance the strength. 

You may also notice that the stakes provided by the manufacturer aren’t strong enough to support your tent. Consider investing in third-party stakes that can do the job.


It’s important to pay attention to where the doors of your tent are located. This is crucial for tents that accommodate a relatively large number of people. 

If you’re going to buy a tent for four or more people, make sure it has at least two doors. This allows for easier movement in and out of the tent without distracting the people inside.

When You Should Consider Buying an Instant Toogh Tent

There’s no doubt that instant tents offer a lot of benefits including the ease of assembly. 

However, in case you’re looking for something to use in the wilderness or in places with extreme weather, then perhaps you’d be better off using something else.

After all, we already have camping tents designed for such tough conditions and some of them have been covered in our Toogh tent review. 

But for people who’re considering simple backyard camping, budget traveling or camping for children, then instant tents would work a treat. They are very versatile to use.

Benefits of Instant Tents

many tents near the mountains

There are a few benefits you’ll be able to enjoy when you decide to go for instant tents.

Easy Setup

Instant tents can be set up and torn down in seconds. They can then be folded and put in a carrier bag for easy portability and storage.

Fewer Parts to Assemble

Instant tents are self-contained. In other words, everything needed to make them work is already in its place. You only need to pop them out and you are done. 

With fewer parts and accessories, instant tents make your camping experience painless. You don’t have to worry about losing an important part that may affect how your tent works.


Instant tents are lightweight in design. The heaviest measures 10 lbs. There are some models as light as 5 lbs. This makes them a great choice for people on the go.


Should I get two single-person tents or just one two-person tent?

It all depends if you’re comfortable sleeping next to another person. If it’s someone you know and trust, then you can sleep in one tent. However, if you want the privacy of your own tent, consider bringing two single-person tents.

What if I’m very tall? What tent should I use?

Well, you can actually find extra-long tents in the market specifically designed for taller people like you.

Will a cheaper tent work the same as a pricey one?

Yes, in some cases. Cost doesn’t determine the performance of a tent. There are many affordable tents that deliver durable service. 

However, the more expensive options could have additional features that may be attractive to some people. The most important thing is to carefully look at each model before you make your decision.

What can I do if my waterproof tent starts to leak?

The moment your waterproof tent starts to leak, it’s a clear sign that it’s failing. You may need to buy a new one right away. Repairing the leaks may be able to work in the short term but you’ll still need a new tent.

Final Thoughts

Buying a quality tent shouldn’t be a problem. Based on our Tough tent review, there are so many great ones out there to choose from.

However, if you’re looking for a tent that comes with excellent features and full value for your money, then the Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent is definitely a great choice.

The tent comes with a stunning and stylish look. It’s a durable and sturdy model as well that will last for years. Besides, you get room for up to 4 people. It’s definitely one of the best camping tents on the market right now.

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