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Sunseeker Manhattan 50 Yacht Review: The Ultimate Cruiser

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The Sunseeker Manhattan 50 is a spacious, luxurious, high-performance yacht with an array of excellent features. The boat comes with three separate cabins, enough to accommodate six people with ease. It also features one master stateroom, one VIP cabin, and a single guest cabin as well. 

Each cabin is designed with a touch of luxury. For instance, the spacious Master Stateroom features a large double bed and enough storage for all your stuff. It also includes additional ensuite facilities as well. Both the VIP cabin and the guest cabin all have ensuite facilities too. You’ll also get a large double bed and excellent storage.

What Makes This Yacht Special?

The Sunseeker Manhattan 50 is special for one simple reason. It offers a perfect blend of style, luxury, and excellent performance. It’s the ultimate luxury cruiser, boasting high-end interior, and a stylish, but more functional exterior. 

The yacht is also an exciting cruiser that offers excellent handling. It can deliver very high levels of acceleration without affecting maneuverability. Its twin diesel engine packs enough energy to power this baby anywhere. You also get modern navigation equipment. 

The Sunseeker Manhattan 50 will deliver safer cruising, luxurious fittings and finishes, and outstanding durability. It’s probably one of the few yachts on the market that combines a sturdy more durable design with a refined luxurious feel. 

Technical Specifications 

  • Measures up to 52 feet and 6 inches in length or roughly 16 meters 
  • Comes with a fuel capacity of 550 gallons or roughly 2,500 liters 
  • Weighs 23 tons or around 20,865 kilograms 
  • The beam measures 4.6 meters high while the draft goes as high as 1.22 M
  • Comes with a water capacity of 110 gallons, translating to roughly 500 liters 

Extra Features

The Sunseeker Manhattan 50 also comes with additional extras that you probably won’t find in other yachts. 

  • Excellent air conditioning system 
  • Luxurious bow sunbathing cushions 
  • Microwave oven, an ice maker, freezer, and normal fridge 
  • 11 KW 50HZ power generator 
  • A Sony Cinema Surround sound system for all your entertainment needs. 
  • Stylish and luxurious roadman blinds 
  • High-quality oak floor for the gallery and a walnut dashboard 
  • Vacuum flush toilets

Who Should Charter This Yacht?

The Sunseeker Manhattan 50 is a luxury cruiser so it’s designed for people who don’t mind spending an extra buck to get a top of the line yacht. Despite this, the handling capabilities and performance of the yacht should be a good selling point. In case you’re looking for a less dramatic cruise with excellent power and speed, then the Sunseeker Manhattan 50 is a great choice.

How to Maintain This Yacht

Regular maintenance is important if you want to keep your Sunseeker Manhattan 50 in pristine condition. Regular engine and drive servicing should be done as recommended by the manufacturer. Also, don’t forget laying up the yacht for winter and of course regular cleaning.

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