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Princess Mallorca Yachts: The Unbridled Joy of Sports Sailing

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The Princess brand is a reputable yacht company that has produced a wide variety of motor yachts over the years. The brand has a total of 7 boat classes available in the global market. Even though each of these yachts comes with unique features of their own, the models are all very luxurious.

The Princess Mallorca is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and outstanding innovation. The goal is to create luxury motor yachts that deliver excellent functionality and performance. These yachts also feature state-of-the-art amenities and extras that will make your experience on board unforgettable.

What Makes This Yacht Special? 

As we have already indicated, there are many motor yachts under the Princess brand. Therefore, it’s not easy to say what makes each boat tick since we may have to look at every individual model. Despite this, there are certain general attributes of Princess yachts that are worth noting. 

First, most of these models feature amazing extras and amenities. You will get a very good entertainment system that comes with a Radio MP3, VHF channels on your TV, and high-quality sound systems. The Princess models also feature proper air conditioning and stylish finishing for comfort. 

The yachts will also have a very reliable power source and strong powerful engines that can propel them to very good cruising speeds. If you ever wanted a racing boat or a sports sailing yacht, then you can always rely on the performance of the Princess Mallorca anytime. Also, don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the electric fridge in the gallery as well as additional kitchen utensils and appliances.

Technical Specifications 

With a total of seven boat classes under its name, the Princess brand has a wide selection of boat models, each with its technical specs. While we can’t give you all the specs of each model, we have picked out a few general attributes that you may find in most if not all the Princess yachts.

  • Spacious design with stylish cabin ensuite for guests and crew 
  • Staterooms that feature full-size baths and shower rooms
  • Excellent cruising speeds across all models
  • Powerful engines 
  • Sleek and modern design, which is consistent with most motor yachts

Extra Features

  • Fully equipped gallery with helpful kitchen appliances and utensils 
  • State of the art entertainment system, featuring high-quality surround sound, TV, and radio.
  • Quality air conditioning and comfortable sleeping and seating areas 

Who Should Charter This Yacht?

The Princess brand is one of the most popular motor yacht companies in the world. Even though it’s known for its luxury boats, most of its units are relatively more accessible in terms of pricing.

But in case you just want to enjoy the experience of sailing with a stunning boat without necessarily buying one, then a charter should work. The Princess models give you a chance to cruise in a sporty motor yacht, designed for people looking for the thrill of high-speed sailing. 

How to Maintain This Yacht 

You will get a comprehensive maintenance guide from the manufacturer on how to maintain your specific Princess model. However, basic stuff like regular cleaning and inspections are highly recommended.

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