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Introducing the Stunning Parsifal III Yacht Charter Review

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The Parsifal III is a privately-owned yacht that hit the waters for the first time in 2005. The yacht was custom designed for its Danish owner and comes with several exquisite features. First, the Parsifal III has a stunning open plan main deck that offers a great place to interact with other people on board as you soak in the views around the sea. 

The cabins are also uniquely styled. They feature contemporary décor with understated elements of luxury and opulence. But the Parsifal III isn’t all about beauty and class. It’s also a very strong and powerful yacht. It features a 12v Caterpillar C30 engine and a maximum power of 938 KW. The Parsifal III can hit speeds of up to 14.5 knots on maximum power, making it one of the fastest charter yachts in the world.

What Makes This Yacht Special?

The Parsifal III is a modern charter yacht with incredible amenities. The boat can accommodate up to 12 guests in five staterooms. It also has enough space for 9 crew members. The Parsifal III includes one single master suite, 3 double cabins, and 2 twin cabins. 

You will also get timeless styling and exquisite interiors with this yacht. Beautiful furnishing and spacious seating areas are also included to give you the best comfort possible. Additionally, Parsifal III is a custom-made yacht. There is simply nothing like it in the market. 

In case you are looking for that unique charter experience, you will love this boat. Also, don’t forget the performance specs. The Parsifal III features a powerful engine and will easily hit top speeds of 14.5 knots.

Technical Specifications 

  • Measures up to 54 meters in length or roughly 179 feet 
  • Comes with a 35-feet beam or about 10.72 meters 
  • Delivers maximum power of up 938 KW
  • A sturdy and superstructure aluminum construction 
  • Comes with a 40,200 Liter fuel capacity 
  • The boat also has a freshwater capacity of up to 11,200 liters 
  • Can hit maximum speeds of 14.5 knots 

Extra Features

Even though the Parsifal III is a custom-made boat, the extras in there aren’t that unique, to be honest. They include free Wi-Fi onboard, a deck Jacuzzi, and proper air conditioning. Additionally, the Parsifal III also features a magnificent interior décor. It offers a stylish dark ebony woodwork interior paired with stainless steel elements, dark sycamore, and excellent high-end leather finishing. It’s the perfect mark of luxury. There’s also a plunge pool, Teppanyaki BBQ, state-of-the-art entertainment, and so much more. 

Who Should Charter This Yacht?

The Parsifal III is a luxury yacht that offers high-end amenities and an exciting sail experience. It’s designed for group gatherings and for people who want the best that the yachting world has to offer. From the stylish interiors to the high-quality amenities, the Parsifal III is definitely worth your consideration.

How to Maintain This Yacht

Well, the Parsifal III is a custom-made, privately owned superyacht. Unless you plan to buy it, you don’t need to worry about maintenance.

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