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Moody 64 Review: Style and Elegance Redefined

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The Moody 64 is an elegant and stylish sailboat. The yacht has been described as the perfect “crossover boat.” It combines efficient use of power furling gear with extra strong winches. The Moody 64 is also a true sailboat. But it’s not that easy to handle. The yacht should be handled by two seasoned sailors for the best results. 

Nonetheless, it’s quite large and could easily accommodate large parties or gatherings. The styling is also quite beautiful. It features stunning teak woodwork interiors and high-end cream leather finishing for that ultimate style.

What Makes This Yacht Special? 

The Moody 64 is a special sailboat for some reasons. First, the amenities in this unit are very good. You’ll have two big flat-screen panel TVs and a high-end surround sound system for your entertainment. 

The gallery is also well designed. It features a wine locker (big enough to hold up to 40 bottles of wine), an ice maker, a compact washer, and a dryer. The working surface of the gallery is also made using Avonite. Even though Avonite is relatively heavier for a yacht, it’s absolutely classy. Besides, Moody 64 is not a racing boat so weight isn’t an issue. 

The master ensuite is also done quite well. It features a double berth and ample storage space. You will also get two extra guest cabins as well. The Moody 64 is powered by a 230 HP Yanmar diesel engine housed in the main corridor aft. It can hit maximum speeds of up to 9 knots during normal weather conditions. 

Technical Specifications

  • Measures up to 19.35 meters in length or roughly 63.5 feet 
  • The beam goes as long as 5.33 m or about 17.6 feet 
  • Larger sail area measuring 167 square meters 
  • Features a water capacity of up to 360 gallons or around 1365 liters 
  • 528 gallon in fuel capacity or 2,000 liters 
  • The mast measures 26.8 meters high 

Extra Features

  • Outstanding entertainment options with high-quality surround sound system and two flat-screen TVs.
  • Intricately designed deck and cabins with stylish finishing and elegant touches of luxury.
  • Fully equipped gallery with a dryer, microwave, freezer, wine locker, an ice maker etc. 
  • Lewmar power windlass, Furuno radar and chart plotters, and a full Raymarine instrument package.

Who Should Charter This Yacht?

The Moody 64 is a stunning crossover yacht with excellent amenities and outstanding construction. It’s designed for people looking for a leisurely cruise on the sea with family or friends. The Moody 64 is not one of the fastest boats out there. 

It doesn’t offer the thrill of fast sport sailing but then again, it has so much else to offer. From its large and spacious decks to contemporary styled cabins, you will love every minute you spend on board.

How to Maintain This Yacht

Regular inspections and maintenance will be necessary for this boat to survive for long without any issues. The Moody 64 requires very little maintenance though and the manufacturer gives you clear guidelines on how to go about it.

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