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Maltese Falcon Review: The Iconic Yacht

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The Maltese Falcon isn’t just your average yacht. This privately owned cruiser was built in Turkey and commissioned in 2006. It’s considered one of the most complex and largest yachts on the planet. The Maltese Falcon is a fully rigged ship. These are ships that have three or more sailing masts. 

Measuring up to 88 meters in length, the yacht also features a narrow long hull, a computerized mast control system, and excellent navigation stability. Despite this, what really sets the Falcon apart is its unique design. It’s often been hailed as a triumph of ingenuity, design, and engineering.

What Makes This Yacht Special?

The Maltese Falcon is a special yacht for several reasons. First, despite the innovation and ingenuity in design, the ship is absolutely simple. Its first owner, Tom Perkins, described the mast and sail system on the yacht as “almost trivial” considering how simple it is. He even argued that he can teach any sailor how to handle the ship in five minutes. 

Additionally, the Maltese Falcon features a stunning interior. This luxurious superyacht combines a formal industrial-chic design paired with high tech features. There are also elements of leather, glass, and wood in the interior decor. 

According to reports, the yacht’s interior design was actually inspired by Perkin’s own art collection. Nonetheless, the Maltese Falcon has spacious cabins too. There’s one large master suite and five additional guest cabins. The yacht also has 8 extra cabins to accommodate the crew.

Technical Specifications 

  • The yacht weighs 1,157 tons, or roughly 11,570 kilograms 
  • It measures up to 88.10 meters in length or around 288 feet 
  • The yacht stands at 58.20 meters in height or about 191 feet
  • The beam measures up to 41 feet in height or 12.6 meters 
  • Has the capacity to accommodate 12 guests and 18 crew members
  • Hits a cruise speed of 14 knots and a top speed of 18 knots 

Extra Features

  • Stylish and spacious cabins for guests 
  • One large master ensuite 
  • Perfect for social gatherings and relaxation
  • Further options for fresco dining are available
  • Onboard masseuse and a fully equipped gym 
  • Alfresco cinema for the perfect entertainment experience

Who Should Charter This Yacht?

In case you are looking for a large and spacious luxurious yacht then the Maltese Falcon is definitely up your alley. The yacht can be a great option for corporate charters or large social and family gatherings. Additionally, people who would love to sail onboard a uniquely designed marvel of sailing engineering can consider the Maltese Falcon.

How to Maintain This Yacht 

The Maltese Falcon is a privately owned boat that has specialized maintenance routines. It’s not a mass-produced unit. However, in case you decide to charter the yacht, it would be advisable to keep it as clean as possible. If there are any issues, don’t try to fix them. Instead, get in touch with the charter service for more help.

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