How We Review

At El Marine, we have a strong passion and interest in the outdoors life, whether it is hiking on mountain ranges, forests, trekking deserts, spending time at the beach, fishing, or simply camping in the wild for a weekend. It is for this reason that we invest time and resources researching and testing the best outdoor products and equipment designed to make life easier for our readers.

The outdoor gear industry is always changing to keep up with emerging technologies and lifestyles. We are specifically interested in reviewing the latest outdoor supplies that are essential to your fishing, hunting, camping, and other activities away from the comforts of your home.

Our readers may also send requests for reviews of specific products related to outdoor sports such as scuba diving, skiing, rock climbing, windsurfing, and much more. In such cases, we honor the requests from our readers and provide an in-depth analysis of the products and publish the reviews on our site for the benefit of the entire outdoor community worldwide.

However, given the huge number of outdoor products and equipment on the market, it is often a major challenge to adequately evaluate every product but we do our best to provide helpful assessments. After all, our mission is to be an educational resource for consumers looking for high-quality outdoor products to enhance their performance and have a great time while exploring the challenging outdoor life.

Do We Buy and Test Every Product We Recommend?

While we are passionate and highly interested in every aspect of the great outdoor life, we cannot possibly buy all the products we discuss on this site or we’d end up with a huge inventory and nowhere to take it. However, we own a majority of the products we review and if we don’t own a specific product or model, we look for people who have bought and had experience with the product to get their honest opinion.

We frequently interview verified buyers of some products to get an accurate evaluation of the product straight from the owner. These are people who share the same interests as we do so you can be assured that you are getting an expert opinion when reading our reviews.

What We Mean When We Say “The Best” Product

We normally evaluate and rate products on a cost versus performance basis. When we call a product the best, we mean the product has the best performance for its price. That’s what we call our “Editor’s Choice” or “Top Pick” so it may not be the best that money can buy at any price but is 90% as good as other products that cost three or even four times more. You can be assured that the product we call “best” gives you most of the features found in other higher priced alternatives.

Do We Earn a Commission on Products Sold and If So Isn’t That a Conflict of Interest?

The fact that we don’t always recommend the most expensive products means that we are not commission-driven and we put the interest of our readers first. Our goal is to inform and not to make as much money as we can from our readers. In any case, if you buy a product and return it, we won’t be paid any commission. It is in our best interest to see you happy after you buy any product we have recommended.

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