How to Make Coffee While Camping Without Fire in Easy Steps

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Don’t you just love waking up and preparing a hot cup of coffee while camping in the woods? This is such a wonderful feeling, especially if you’re camping during the cold weather!

Some campers settle with instant coffee, which is a faster and more convenient way of preparing coffee. But this will result in a bitter and totally strange taste, something that you definitely don’t want to drink in the middle of nowhere. You can’t really blame them, given the limited resources at the campsite.

So how to make coffee while camping without fire while camping outdoors?

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to do just that. Besides, there’s no better way to enjoy the stunning outdoors than with a good cup of coffee.

Is It Possible to Make Coffee Without Fire?

Yes, it’s possible to prepare coffee without fire. There are many ways on how to go about this. In fact, you can make coffee even without heat sources or hot water.

When you’re out in the woods, there’s a good chance that you don’t have your own coffee pot, right? But there’s really no need to worry about that because we’ll teach you how to prepare your favorite cup of coffee even if you have no pot.

There are many ways to this and you can choose depending on your budget, situation, and, of course, your taste buds.

Hot Brewed vs Cold Brewed Coffee

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Before we get into the process of making coffee while camping without fire, let’s first discuss the different extraction methods for making coffee.

The most popular method for extracting coffee is with the use of hot water and cold water, which is one of the latest trends in coffee culture.

But brewing hot coffee will only be possible if there’s a source of heat, such as campfire, wood stove, etc. For those who can’t start a fire or don’t have any source of heat while at the campsite, then making hot coffee won’t be possible. Perhaps, you’re in a remote area where there’s no electricity or you just can’t start a fire at all.

If you own a solar oven, then you can use that to heat water in the woods and prepare yourself a cup of hot brew. But if you don’t have that, then the cold brew is a better option.

Preparing cold brew is better when you’re camping without fire because you just need ground coffee. For this method, simply steep the grounds, and that’s it. You now have a delicious cup of coffee. It’s for this reason why many campers prefer to drink cold brew.

But the biggest drawback is the long brewing time, which means you won’t be able to prepare a good cup of coffee instantly because the coffee has to be steeped for 12 hours.

Using Your Car to Power the Coffee Machine

If you like car camping and you’d love to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee on your camping trip, then go get yourself a car-powered coffee machine. As the name implies, this machine relies on the car’s battery as its power source in order to heat water. 

This is a great solution if you want to enjoy a hot brew in the woods. They are usually plugged into the cigarette lighter although some models can be connected directly to the car’s battery.

Keep in mind that the models that are connected to the lighter socket operate at extremely low power so brewing coffee could take a while. If you go for a model that can be connected directly into the car’s battery port, you’ll have a good cup of coffee ready in just a few minutes!

What to Do in Case You Don’t Have a Heat or Power Source?

If you don’t have any power source to boil your water for a hot cup of brew, then you better opt for the cold brew. Some coffee lovers would actually prefer this than the regular hot coffee because of its low acidity. Although it’s usually prepared using special devices, it’s possible to use a typical French press for this.

To prepare cold brew using a French press, simply pour the coffee beans into your French press. Add water and mix well in order to sink the coffee grounds. Let it steep for at least 24 hours. The longer you seep the grounds, the stronger the result will be. Then gently press the plunger of the French press. Pour it into your glass and you now have a delicious cup of coffee!

A great alternative would be to use a cold brew pot that’s capable of brewing a good amount of Joe, which you can store in a fridge to consume daily.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to prepare a good cup of coffee while camping even without using fire. Of course, buying a machine that can help you prepare a delicious cup of coffee is highly recommended. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can follow the traditional methods mentioned above.

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