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Christina O Yacht Charter Review: The Most Iconic Super Yacht in the World

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Christina O is a luxurious yacht that has a very interesting history behind it. Before it was converted into a yacht, it was a worn-out Canadian anti-submarine frigate used in World War II. After the war ended, Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Socrates Onassis purchased the frigate for just $34,000 in 1954. 

Aristotle then started working on the frigate and soon enough, he transformed this scrappy old ship into a luxurious palace, featuring a refined new look and an added touch of elegance. The yacht was named Christina O and it soon became extremely popular with celebrities, politicians, and people of high standing. 

Some of the most notable names to come aboard the yacht include famous actress Marilyn Monroe, former British PM Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, and others. 

What Makes This Yacht Special?

The Christina O yacht is special for two reasons. First, it’s not just any other yacht. It’s a globally acclaimed cruiser that has a stellar history to it. Secondly, it’s a mark of luxury. The Christina O is seen as the yacht that set the stage for modern-day luxury cruisers. In the 1950s, these boasts were still popular with the rich, but they were used more like an escape for private relaxation and alone time. 

However, Aristotle decided to bring new meaning to cruisers. He wanted to make the Christina O a palace. Some even called it a vanity purchase used by the Greek shipping magnate to flaunt his wealth. It seems like this idea has caught on even today. 

Modern-day cruisers are no longer the secret hideaways they used to be. They are now more open, extremely opulent, and personalized to suit the lofty tastes of the super-wealthy. The Christina O was one of the first privately owned yachts and it remains one of the most historically relevant cruisers in the world.

Technical Specifications 

  • Weighs around 2,250 tons or 22,500 kilograms
  • Hits a maximum speed of 19 knots, translating to roughly 38 km/h or 22 m/h
  • A very spacious yacht that can accommodate up to 34 people 
  • The draft measures up to 4.27 m 
  • 99.06 meters long 
  • The beam goes as high as 10.97 meters 

Extra Features 

  • 18 passenger staterooms, one master ensuite, and several outdoor and indoor living areas 
  • Powered by a 2,775 HP diesel engine 
  • 2 massage rooms and one fitness center 
  • Large pool and Jacuzzi are available on the deck 

Who Should Charter This Yacht?

The Cristina O is one of the largest and most historically-significant boats in the world. Right now it’s still owned by Onassis. However, the yacht is available for charters. It’s made for people looking for unrivaled luxury sailing. The spacious boat is also ideal for large gatherings.

How to Maintain This Yacht

Again, this is a privately owned large superyacht. It’s very unique and not available for mass reproduction. Although regular maintenance and care will be needed to keep it in good condition, it’s something done by the owner and not those who charter it.

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