10 Best Mountain Bike Helmet Lights in 2020

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To ensure your safety when riding a bike at night, you need to have the best mountain bike helmet lights. Your night riding will be a whole lot safer and more relaxing if you’ve helmet lights.

When looking for mountain bike helmet lights to buy, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. That’s because you’ll find hundreds of options in the market these days.

Although their main purpose is the same, which is to provide illumination, each of these lights comes with varying features and it’s important to choose a model that suits you best.

In an effort to help you out, we came up with this review of the top bike helmet lights. We have also included some tips to guide you in choosing the best model.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Lights Reviews

Here’s a list of the best mountain bike helmet lights. We’ve reviewed them according to power, versatility, size, ease of use, and other factors.

Take time to read the reviews so you’ll know which among them to buy.

1. Magicshine Monteer 6500 Mountain Bike Headlight

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The Magicshine Monteer 6500 Bike Headlight has everything that a biker would ever want from a helmet light.

With a powerful output of 6500 lumens, this headlight is definitely something else! It can make your surroundings extremely bright so you’ll feel confident about riding your bike anywhere you want to.

In addition, this Magicshine headlight is equipped with the quick-release mount on the handlebar and uses an insert/turn system similar to Garmin devices. These helmet lights are equipped with five LEDs, three floodlights, and two spotlights. You also have the option to set it in flood mode, spot mode, etc. Furthermore, each of these settings has four brightness levels.

Given the number of lights this headlight has, you’ll surely be able to see everything around you clearly. And if you set it at the lowest setting, you can use it for up to 15 straight hours at 650 lumens.

  • Comes with rubber spacer ideal for handlebars that are 31.8mm – 35mm
  • Equipped with internal thermal protection
  • Front bike mount is made from aluminum
  • High capacity battery pack
  • Maximum actual output is 6500 lumens
  • None

2. Blackburn Countdown 1600 Headlight

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Featuring the latest technology of headlights, the Blackburn Countdown 1600 Headlight is another great lighting option for your nighttime biking. It will keep you safe as you cycle at night. With this headlight, you’ll enjoy six different power modes, giving you lots of options for your lighting.

Charging this helmet light is definitely a breeze. You can use a USB cord for charging, and in only 10 minutes, you’ll be able to charge 80% of battery life! As for the method of mounting, you won’t have any problems with this device. Its mount can be adjusted pretty easily and the availability of the beam angle makes adjusting the headlight very simple.

Furthermore, the Blackburn Countdown 1600 comes with a durable casing made of aluminum and won’t get scratched easily regardless of how often you’ll be using it. This headlight is perfect for riders who need something that can go up to 1600 lumens of power for short periods during their nighttime ride.

This helmet light is packed in a self-contained package that has run-time information that’s easy to read.

  • 4-hour recharge time
  • Doesn’t require any tools for the installation
  • Uses lithium-ion batteries
  • Waterproof design IP-67 standard
  • A bit complicated to mount

3. Cygolite Metro Pro Bike Light

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One of the best mountain bike helmet lights to take on your nighttime ride is the Cygolite Metro Pro Bike Light. This compact and lightweight device is highly recommended to those who regularly go for a nighttime ride but occasionally need a powerful light beam to take them elsewhere.

The beam produced is massive and it’s capable of lighting your trail regardless of how dark it is along the way. You won’t have a hard time seeing the road with this light and this is extremely important especially when making descents.

Mounting this light on your helmet is pretty easy. There’s a raised button at the top that will allow you to easily switch between low, medium, and high beams. The button also allows you to change into flashing mode, pulse mode, or power mode. If you press the button twice, the boost mode will be activated. Given these great features, investing in this helmet light is really worth it.

But if you want to save on battery, you should use the button sparingly. You should only switch into different modes when necessary. Doing it too often could easily kill the battery, something that you don’t want to happen while on the road.

Overall, this is a great helmet light to invest in, especially if you want to have many illumination options as you ride your bike at night.

  • Comes with nine different lighting modes
  • Higher modes are very powerful
  • Made in the US
  • Reasonable price
  • USB fast charging
  • Charging cover could get lost very easily
  • Low run time, especially when set at high power

4. NiteRider Lumina 1200 Boost Front Cycling Light

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The Lumina brand is one of the leading brands of bike helmet lights. They started doing this many years ago, starting at 400 lumens. Their products are known for being robust and their customers agree that Lumina lights are guaranteed to last long. Its mount is of premium quality and attaches securely to the bar.

As for the light itself, customers are pleased with its brightness and stability. It has the ability to properly dissipate heat resulting in a more consistent beam pattern. In addition, these lights have excellent sealing and can be used in various seasons, whether it’s the dry or wet season. The light’s heat sink is integrated nicely using a shock-absorbing material made of rubber.

Providing an impressive power output of 1200 lumens, this helmet light is truly reliable during your nighttime excursions. Even when you set it at the highest level, the light will remain cool thanks to its excellent cooling feature in both the external and internal areas of the case.

Given the company’s track record of making excellent quality products, you’ll surely not regret spending your money on this premium-quality helmet light. They have stayed true to their promise of providing excellent quality products that are designed and made in the US.

The NiteRider Lumina 1200 Boost Front Cycling Light is highly recommended for bikers who need an affordable bike helmet light without the bells and whistles that come from a more expensive model.

  • Capable of distributing a generous and even widespread beam
  • Comes with five light levels and two daylight flashing modes
  • Could fit handlebars of up to 35mm
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • FL1 standard IP64
  • Secure on and off-road
  • Battery doesn’t seem to last that long

5. Bright Eyes 1200 Lumen Road Bike Headlight

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Another interesting choice of lights for mountain bike helmets is the Bright Eyes 1200 Lumen Road Bike Headlight. This product is very versatile because it’s not only intended for your mountain bike rides.

You can also use it as a flashlight whenever you need to get off your bike and walk on the trail. With this headlight, you can enjoy a power output of 1200 lumens, which should be enough to illuminate your surroundings when you bike at night.

It’s also worth noting that this particular model of a helmet light can be used as an SOS torch in the event of an emergency. This is very useful when you run into trouble with your bike in the middle of the night. Given all these amazing pictures, you might think that this particular model of helmet lights is costly. But you’d be surprised to know that it actually comes at a very reasonable price.

While the Bright Eyes 1200 Bike Headlight is a great headlight to invest in, some bikers might not appreciate the quirkiness of this product. Nevertheless, it’s a great choice for those who need something versatile. These helmet lights aren’t only useful for biking, but they can also be used for trekking, camping, and other things.

  • Covered with a lifetime guarantee
  • Available in two colors
  • Interchangeable lenses are useful during emergencies
  • The LED technology is better than in most helmet lights
  • 1200 lumens power output
  • SOS mode is very useful in times of emergency
  • Mounting is a bit complicated

6. CAT EYE – Volt 1700 Headlight

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CAT EYE is a brand that’s known for producing some of the best mountain bike helmet lights in the market. This headlight is a great investment for all bikers. It has a powerful 3100 mAh battery. This helmet light can be charged with a USB or a phone charger and will only take five hours to be fully charged.

These lights produce perfectly shaped beam patterns and have squared edges allowing you to efficiently use the light while being able to easily keep track of the trail.

Featuring excellent construction, this fantastic headlight comes with a radiator clamp for mounting. This type works perfectly for bike helmets. It can also be used for all types of handlebars while allowing you to cinch the light down a bit.

With a powerful output of 1700 lumens and a 2-hour runtime when setting at the highest setting, this is definitely a great accessory for biking enthusiasts to invest in. Furthermore, customers love the fact that this unit doesn’t get too hot even when you set it at the maximum setting, which is a common problem on other helmet lights.

  • High mode at 1700 lumens for two hours
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight design
  • USB rechargeable and comes with low battery indicator
  • Battery indicator
  • None

7. Te-Rich 1200 Lumens Waterproof Road/Mountain Bicycle Headlight

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When it comes to mountain bike helmet lights that can give you the best value for your money, this Te-Rich 1200 Lumens Waterproof Bicycle Headlight is a good choice as well. Although it doesn’t come with all the great features that you can find in the more expensive models, it’s still a great choice for those who need a helmet light that can provide a brilliant white light pattern.

Although you can’t adjust its beam width, given its affordable price, this product is still worth checking out. It’s one of those helmet lights in this list that’s capable of producing the brightest illumination on your biking trail.

The light’s output is well regulated, which is why the intensity of the beam produces continuous brightness before the battery eventually dies. What’s more, this lighting comes equipped with a protection circuitry that keeps it from overheating. If you run it in turbo mode for a longer time, there’s a chance of overheating, but thanks to the circuitry, it tones down a bit until it eventually cools off.

This helmet lighting is easy to mount and comes with a secure bracket that you can easily attach to the handlebar or helmet. What’s more, this lighting has a strap for the helmet, something that makes it stand out from the rest.

  • 1200 lumen CREE XM-L2 LED Technology
  • Can fit tubes or handlebars that are around 28 mm in diameter
  • Comes with a 5-volt 4400mhA rechargeable battery
  • Straightforward setup
  • Waterproof design
  • Poor USB connection

8. Light and Motion Taz 1200 Bike Handlebar Light

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When looking for the best mountain bike helmet lights, one of the factors to consider is the beam pattern. This Light & Motion Taz 1200 is an excellent choice when talking about the beam pattern. In fact, a lot of customers will agree that this helmet light has the best beam for self-contained bike lighting.

Perhaps the only downside that comes with this helmet light is the fact that it’s not bright enough, given its power output that’s less than 1000 lumens. This is a shame since the light’s massive beam pattern requires powerful output in order to execute and spread the lighting. Nevertheless, this helmet light is bright enough to illuminate you in the trail. The light’s self-contained design and no replaceable batteries included means the run time will be limited. Even though this bike light comes in the form of a flashlight style, it’s still bulky.

It can deliver a bright and wide beam with pleasant yellow tint allowing you to clearly see contours and shadows along the trail. So far, this is one of the best models that Light and Motion has produced, thanks to its compact and self-contained design. It emits bright and powerful lights, so you’ll be safe as you cycle at night.

If you want a well-designed helmet light for your nighttime bike excursions, then this would be a good choice.

  • 1200 lumens
  • 1.5 to 6-hour runtime in a 9-hour pulse mode
  • Comes with multiple power settings
  • Durable construction
  • USB rechargeable with cable
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter
  • None

9. TeamObsidian Bike Light Set

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00Q2NJ5SW&Format= SL1000 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=elmarine 20&language=en USir?t=elmarine 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00Q2NJ5SW

The overall construction of the TeamObsidian Bike Light Set is truly impressive. Featuring a solid build, this bike light set is enclosed in a durable aluminum case that’s waterproof. This light is also among the easiest to install.

You just need to wrap it over the handlebars and then tighten the nut until it’s securely attached. However, make sure you don’t over-tighten it. When the strap is already on the bars, just slide it slowly into the mount and then lock it in place.

For those who are fond of urban bike riding or perhaps a short leisurely ride in the countryside, this would be a great light to buy. It will allow you to choose from a number of power modes and you can use it for 10 hours.

What’s even better is that you’ll get a free taillight with every purchase of this product. It requires two AAA batteries to function that can be used for up to a maximum of 40 hours.

Made by a family-run company specializing in bicycles and bicycle accessories, you can expect excellent service from the makers behind this amazing product. It’s also covered with a one-year warranty so there’s no need to worry in case the product gets damaged within only a year of purchase.

  • Can be easily mounted
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Highly efficient 200 lumen output power
  • Reflector features a rugged ABS plastic material
  • The torch is made from solid aluminum material
  • Well-built and reliable bicycle lighting set
  • Poor quality battery

10. Cycle Torch Shark 500 USB Rechargeable Bike Light 

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The Cycle Torch USB Rechargeable Bike Light is known for having a long running time.

This product comes in a set of lights that consist of the taillight and front lights. It’s rechargeable using a USB port. There’s also a USB cable included in every package of this product.

The brightness of this bike light can be easily adjusted. You can opt for an extremely bright setting to enjoy maximum safety and visibility on the road.

It features a flat beam pattern that’s specially made for those who are like biking in urban environments.

  • Features a smart charging technology
  • Flat beam pattern
  • Made from airplane-grade aluminum material
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Doesn’t seem to hold a charge well

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Helmet Lights

bike lights

The mountain bike helmet lights are divided into two categories. The first is “to see with” lights while the other is “to be seen” lights.

The former is somewhat similar to your car’s headlights. It’s just like a flashlight that will throw beams of light allowing the user to see clearly while riding his/her bike.

On the other hand, the second category is those types of lights that are similar to reflectors or taillights. These lights help enhance the visibility of the biker and will alert other vehicles of his/her presence.

Here are the main factors to keep in mind when shopping for the best mountain bike helmet lights:

Helmet Mount

Remember that these lights must be mounted on your bike helmet. Therefore, find out how the lights can be mounted before buying. It’s important that the lights are secured but not too difficult to remove either.

Most lights come with a Velcro strap although the newer models feature GoPro mounts, which are more convenient.

The lights should be mounted low in your helmets so they don’t hit any of those overhanging branches that you’ll come across during your ride.


Make sure you find out the power output of the bike helmet lights before buying. This factor is expressed in lumens.

For bike riding at night, the minimum requirement is 1000 for the handlebar while the helmet lights should have at least 500.

The more lumens the lights have, the more expensive they will be. This can also increase the weight and size of the light. But some models will give you the option to either increase or reduce the power output.

Beam Pattern

The beam of the lights is also important. Remember that this is what will illuminate the trail as you ride your bike at night.

Therefore, think about the pattern of the beam, including its size and shape. For bar lights, the flood beam is ideal. As for the helmet lights, choose something that produces a spot beam.


Most of these lights have a dedicated charger. However, in the last few years, some of the latest models use USB for charging. In this case, you can simply use a USB cable.

Remote Control

Most lights are equipped with a button that you can fasten beside the grip. This eliminates the need for you to reach across your helmet just to change the settings. In some models, they are wired.

However, the high-end models now come with Bluetooth. The remote control feature isn’t really necessary for the bar-mounted lights. However, for helmet lights, a remote control is a very convenient feature.

Fuel Gauge

It’s important that you’re able to monitor the life of the lights’ battery during your ride. Some of these models use color-coded lights, either red or green.

However, the latest models show the remaining time in minutes or percentage.


You definitely don’t want bike helmet lights that will take up a lot of your time with the installation. Therefore, look for lights that aren’t too complicated to install.

Take time to read the instructions for the installation so you’ll have an idea if the lights you want to buy are easy enough to install on your helmet.

Water Resistance

Although most of the latest models of helmet lights come with water-resistant features, it’s important to double-check this before buying one. Remember that mountain biking is a type of sport that requires you to get wet and dirty.

Therefore, it’s important that you choose a light that can withstand the daily wear and tear despite exposure to the harsh outdoor elements.

Handlebar vs. Bike Helmet Lights

When it comes to lights for night biking, you’ll have a choice between handlebar lights and helmet lights.

The answer will mainly depend upon your personal preferences. Both of these lights are capable of providing a higher level of illumination and can help make your night biking adventure safer and more enjoyable.

The helmet lights can follow your gaze without the need to make any adjustments. However, some bikers hate the added weight on their head, which is why they find handlebar lights more suitable.

As for the handlebar lights, it’s important that you make sure the lights are fixed firmly in your bike. Otherwise, the bumps on the road could make the lights fall to the ground.

Again, the choice will depend upon your personal preferences. In fact, you can use both if you want. Having both of these lights can help improve your visibility level when riding your bike in the dark.

Benefits of MTB Lights

mountain biker

So, what are the benefits of getting mountain bike helmet lights? Are they really worth it?

Read on below for some of the reasons why investing in the best mountain bike helmet lights is a good idea:

They Help Improve Safety

Safety is the biggest reason why getting mountain bike helmet lights is so important. When you’re riding your bike at night and the weather condition is poor, you’ll remain visible to other vehicles and bike commuters.

This way, accidents can be avoided. Aside from allowing you to see the road clearly, they also help motorists to easily recognize you.

Can Be Used in All-Terrain Conditions

The biggest benefit of having bike helmet lights is the fact that you’ll be able to safely ride your bike in all-terrain conditions.

There’s no longer a need for you to avoid certain areas because the illumination gives you the confidence that you’ll be safe regardless of the area that you’ll be passing through.

Even when it’s raining, the helmet lights will provide you with maximum visibility so you can feel comfortable and safe riding your bike.

You Won’t Be Restricted

With the bike helmet lights, you won’t be restricted on your mountain bike ride.

This will give you the confidence to ride anywhere you want to since you’re able to clearly see your surroundings.


How do mountain bike lights work?

Mountain bike lights are attached to your mountain bike in order to provide illumination in the trail. They illuminate the area on your front, back, and anywhere else around you. Some of these lights can be attached to the handlebars while others on the helmet.

The best mountain bike helmet lights work with lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged using a USB cable while others are powered by traditional batteries.

How many lumens should mountain bike lights have?

It’s generally recommended to get a light with at least 500 lumens for the handlebar and 500 for the helmet lights. If you need to only use the lights for your handlebars, getting a model with at least 2000 lumens is recommended.

Remember that certain factors could affect the number of lumens that your bike lights should have. These include your bike riding skills, speed, night vision, type of terrain, weather conditions, and beam patterns.

How can I position bicycle headlights?

Some of the headlights can be clipped to a certain location in your helmet while other models have generic positioning.

A standard way of positioning the bike headlights is to place them in the middle of the main handlebars. Before riding, adjust the lights to the position that’s more comfortable for you.

Should I use flashing mode?

There are instances when using flashing lights might be necessary. During the day, the lights will alert vehicles of your presence.

However, a bright flashing light should be avoided at night as it could disturb other road users. Thus, a steady and solid light is more suitable in this case.

Final Thoughts

To ensure a safe and enjoyable ride at night, you should choose lights that are powerful enough to provide bright illumination in the road.

This is why we believe that the Magicshine Monteer 6500 Mountain Bike Headlight is one of the best mountain bike helmet lights to invest in. These lights consist of five LEDs, three floodlights, and two spotlights.

That should be enough to provide you with a clear view of the road. And given its 6500 lumens of power output, you’ll definitely benefit a lot from these powerful headlights.

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