Best Hammock Underquilt in 2020: Top 10 Reviews

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We’ve all seen hammocks in the movies, on commercials, and posted all over Pinterest and Instagram travel pages. There’s no denying that a hammock is the near-perfect way of going back to our roots, and connecting to the natural environment around you.

But despite gazing at the stars being something no-one gets tired of, what the pictures and videos don’t show you is the reality – that when the temperature drops, a hammock doesn’t always seem so romantic. Although a coat, a hat, and some thermal leggings might do some good in fighting back the cold, it’s often not enough.

Lucky, however, there are underquilts – a fantastic way to keep you warm whilst in a hammock, and ensure you stay comfortable when braving the great outdoors.

Best Hammock Underquilt Reviews

Throughout this article, we’ll be running through the best hammock underquilts around, covering their features, accessories, and whether or not they’re the best choice for you:

1. KING SHOWDEN Hammock Underquilt

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Those familiar with KING SHOWDEN’s products certainly won’t be disappointed with this product – the KING SHOWDEN Hammock Underquilt. It’s thick and durable, constructed using 200g cotton, that wraps around the underquilt for added insulation and comfort.

It’s also compact, fitting into its included nylon compression sack, which protects the product from damage, and ensures it lasts a long time. The sack measures just 13.8 by 8.3 inches, and as the underquilt weighs just 30 ounces, this makes it an ultra-compact product that’s great for carrying on long trips. The standout feature of this underquilt is that it has the lowest temperature rating of any of the products on this list, -10 degrees!

This particular product has been manufactured with high-quality materials, including a 240T Polyester lining, ensuring that both light and heavy rain won’t pose as problems.

The KING SHOWDEN Underquilt also works well as some sort of sleeping bag, due to its high-quality, hard-wearing nylon material. Despite how compact it is, this product still brings a lot to the table! 

  • Water repellent
  • Multi-use design
  • High-quality materials
  • Comes in two colors
  • Easy to set up
  • Incredible insulation rating
  • Not the easiest to clean

2. ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters Vulcan UnderQuilt

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The Eagles Nest Outfitters’ (ENO) Vulcan underquilt is made of synthetic construction, which helps it maintain an ideal temperature for those who are using it, letting you keep comfortable throughout the night.

Getting into the details, it weighs around 30 ounces and can be compressed into a nylon pouch that’s included. It’s just under 7 feet in length, and 4 feet wide, meaning it’s a great size for even larger people. One of the most noticeable features of this particular underquilt is just how fast and easy it is to set up. It can be secured in place with a few clamps or hooks, something even the least experienced hammock-sleepers shouldn’t have a problem with.

Being water-resistant, as well as having a low-temperature rating, it’s obvious that the ENO Vulcan Underquilt was designed more for experienced outdoor-goers, but its ease of use and simplicity still make it a great choice for any novices. The manufacturers have even designed this is a way that it contours the body, in order to create added comfort and coziness.

Although suitable for multiple environments, this would be best suited in those colder, more snowy conditions. Despite its material, this underquilt feels surprisingly warm and comforting – a great addition to any outdoor sleepers’ equipment.

  • Ideal temperature control
  • Water-resistant
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Contours to body for added comfort
  • Not the lightest product
  • Works better with added quilt, rather than alone

3. UBOWAY Unique Underquilt Hammock

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The UBOWAY Unique Underquilt is a customizable and compact product that’s both functional and fun. When completely unfolded it has a very decent size, and better yet, weighs just under 0.6kg. This makes it ideal to transport, as it won’t weigh you down.

It’s also available in a variety of colors, allowing you to get the one that suits your style best. It’s also available in a range of insulation levels, ranging between 0 and 15 degrees F for varied environments. It’s waterproof, fast-drying, and can even be put in the washing machine, to ensure it stays clean and lasts long. It’s made of tough, durable nylon, which ensures you’ll stay warm regardless of precipitation or cool temperatures.

The UBOWAY Unique Underquilt is suitable for the majority of hammock types, as well as being simple and straightforward to use. The product also comes with a shock cord, and the included bag creates a level of added protection as well.

The only downside we can see is the customization, as having too many options available can confuse some potential users, leaving them unsure of what’s ideal for their needs.

  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Multiple colors and temperature levels available
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Great size when unraveled
  • Possible confusing to novice users

4. OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

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The OneTigris hammock underquilt is both lightweight and largely extendable, offering a great size without being too heavy. When fully unraveled, it measures almost 8 feet long, whilst being 4-foot wide – fantastic for a range of different users.

When folded, it measures 13 by 8 inches, and less than 30 ounces, ideal for carrying around. It’s of synthetic construction, and has a nylon shell and DWR coating, making it durable and reliable. As well as these great features, it’s an affordable product that’s straight-forward to use, meaning even beginners can take advantage of it.

One of the few downsides is that the OneTigris Hammock Underquilt doesn’t actually contour the body. This means it doesn’t offer the best in insulation and comfort, and can often feel unusual against the body.

Having said that, both frequent and newbie campers will be able to enjoy this product from OneTigris. Despite its few flaws, it’s still a fantastic product, with great insulation, light design, and high-quality material.

  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight design
  • Suitable for 3 seasons
  • Straight-forward to use
  • Not contoured to the body

5. Outdoor Vitals Down Underquilt

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The Outdoor Vitals Down Underquilt is both a versatile and high-quality product, and in our eyes is definitely one of the best hammock underquilts there is. It has a temperature rating of around 20 degrees F, making it ideal for camping in those ultra-cold conditions. Despite this, it still manages to be a lightweight product, and is surprisingly durable too.

Depending on the way it’s set up, due to the versatility of its design, this hammock underquilt poses a wide range of possible uses. Not only does it work as a sleeping bag (both single and double), but it also works as a technical blanket and a hammock pod-style system.

With a nylon shell and ‘VitalDry’ DWR coating, as well as hydrophobic coating, it keeps the user both dry and warm in a range of weather conditions – from mild to severe. It also has real down insulation for added protection.

The only downside we see as that the product doesn’t include hanging instructions, which may cause some users – especially those with less experience – to be confused. Despite the range of uses this product has, we would recommend it to anyone as an underquilt, as it keeps you warm and dry throughout the night.

  • Range of different uses
  • VitalDry coating
  • Real down insulation
  • Great temperature rating
  • Compression sack included
  • Bad zipper quality
  • No hanging instruction
  • Multiple uses, but only great as an underquilt

6. Winterial Underquilt Camping Hammock

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The Winterial Underquilt Camping Hammock is a fantastic combination of both durability and lightweight design, making it a great choice out of those currently available on the market.

As for the hammock itself, it has a great weight limit of 240lbs, making it great for a range of different users. And with a high percentage of goose down as well as a durable nylon shell, it’s able to withstand whatever nature throws at you, whilst still keeping you warm and comfortable.

It’s almost 7 feet long, suitable for very tall people, and weighs just under 2.5lbs – an incredible weight considering how much this product has to offer.

We’d recommend this product in particular due to the fact that it has everything you need to get started included, getting rid of any complications, so you can go out on your adventure immediately. And the quilted stitching in the underquilt is a nice touch to give it a more aesthetic look.

  • Long-lasting and hardwearing
  • Excellent warmth and insulation
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great shape and comfort
  • Good price
  • Doesn’t contour the body
  • Bad resistance against wind

7. Go Outfitters Under Quilt

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This Underquilt by Go Outfitters is formed of a 210T polyester outer shell, making it both water and wind-resistant, as well as being breathable. This keeps the insides both dry and fresh for long-term use.

It’s a low-cost option, especially considering what it offers. Despite synthetic underquilts having a reputation for not offering good insulation, this one stands out from that. We’d even consider pushing right up to its temperature limit, as we think it’s able to offer fantastic insulation regardless.

What makes this particular product stand out is its design – rather than the default rectangular shape, it has a fitted footbox, giving it a unique look and usability. It’s also very spacious, allowing a range of body positions for optimum comfort, and is suitable for even the tallest of users. This can really be the difference between a good and a great night’s sleep!

Having said this, the extra material can prevent it from having a snug fit, so bear that in mind. All in all, it’s a reliable product that’s suitable for a range of weather conditions, and definitely one of the best hammock underquilts.

  • Outer shell is weather resistant
  • Quick-drying and great insulation
  • Low temperature rating for those super cold nights
  • Unique footbox design
  • Works well for tall people
  • Compatible with a range of hammocks
  • Shock cord could be better
  • Extra material prevents a tight, snug fit

8. Chill Gorilla Hammock Underquilt

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The Chill Gorilla Hammock Underquilt is a lightweight product, with a surprisingly large extended size. It weighs under 3lb whilst being 6 foot 10 in length, meaning it’s still suitable for larger people.

It has a tapered shaped design which is narrow at the feet and wide at the shoulders, helping it keep in shape with the body for a snug and cozy fit. It offers some seriously impressive insulation constructed from 20D nylon and synthetic interior. Rated at 40 degrees F it’s considered to be a 3-season sleeping bag.

What attracts many people to this particular model is its low-price tag, which undercuts many competitors by a noticeable amount, whilst still being of a similar quality. And what many consider to be its greatest feature is just how simple it is to keep clean. Due to its polyester filling, it’s machine washable, ensuring that it stays clean for long-term use. Although it doesn’t boast any unmatched features, it still offers a lot, especially when considering the price.

The only downside is the weight, as despite it being light, there are models that are lighter, and as such possible more suited to traveling or hiking. But for the price, it’s definitely one of the best hammock underquilts out there.

  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for all camping hammocks
  • Great warmth and comfort
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Fairy lightweight
  • Not the most durable

9. Therm-a-Rest Slacker Down Snuggler

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The Therm-a-Rest Slacker Down Snuggler is a product that certainly won’t disappoint. The company themselves have got a long-time reputation for making suitable gear for outside sleepers – they’ve been doing so for almost 50 years, and are known for pioneering a range of different products suited for this.

This includes the self-inflating sleeping pad which provides excellent warmth and comfort when sleeping under the stars. Because of this, they’ve solidified a name for themselves in this market, and are well-known to avid campers and outdoor sleepers.

Therm-a-Rest have since expanded their product range, and now makes sleeping bags and hammocks as well, and the Down Snuggler is one of their takes on the product. The Down Snuggler has a tapered shape that automatically fills the hammock’s opening, meaning it’s suitable for a range of hammocks that differ in shape and size. It attaches to the hammock suspension, and can extend to cover the shape.

It’s water-resistant, and filled with Nikwax Hydrophobic Down in order to fight back the cold, even in extreme temperatures. Like other products made by the company, it also has a layer that reflects and radiates the heat in order to maximize the warmth of our own body.

As for cords, it has one at each end – a stretchy one at one end, and a non-stretchy one at the other, allowing you to actually close the hammock when not in use, keeping it dry, dirt and bug-free. Although the underquilt might not fit perfectly to begin with, with a few adjustments you’ll have it just right, ensuring a fantastic night’s sleep anywhere.

  • Cozy and comfortable
  • Simple to use
  • Great value for the price
  • Light and durable design
  • Instructions not included
  • No definite temperature range

10. Snugpak Hammock Quilt

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The Snugpak Hammock Quilt is lightweight and simple to set up and use, making it suitable for both experienced and novice wild sleepers, especially those traveling to distant locations.

It has exceptional insulation, and many users note how it trapped their heat, radiating it back to them in order to ensure they stayed warm in even the harshest conditions. Its material also helps fight back the cold.

This particular model is easy to store and transport, as it folds to a small size and can therefore be kept in the smallest of places. Not only this, but when stored even for long periods of time, it retains its heat and thermal properties, meaning there’s one less thing to worry about.

For the weight of this product, the warmth on offer really is impressive. There’s no alternative to this for many. We’d say it’s one of the best hammock underquilts around.

  • Compression storage bag included
  • Provides excellent warmth
  • Whole-body coverage
  • Easy to set up and set down
  • Durable and firm design
  • Not suitable for all sizes of people
  • Not great for small spaces when extended
  • Not much wind resistance

How to Choose the Best Hammock Underquilt

hammock underquilt reviews

Here are the main factors you should consider when shopping for the best hammock underquilt:

Temperature Rating

Temperature ratings let you know if your underquilt is going to be able to manage the environment you put it in. It’s crucial as it not only provides comfort, but can also affect survival. Before purchasing yours, take a look at the temperature ratings and see if it’s suitable. If you’re not sure, overcompensate, as you’d rather be a bit too warm than too cold.

Underquilt Fit

The majority of underquilts opt for the basic rectangular shape. This coupled with a cord suspension allows it to tighten up and adjust to your body in order to create an ideal, snug fit. As mentioned before, getting rid of gaps around the underquilt will ensure warmth, allowing you to combat the cold throughout the night.

A bad fit will create gaps, and this leads to loss of heat, which is exactly what you don’t want. Unfortunately, there’s no universal size, and underquilts come in a range of different shapes and sizes, meaning that it’s unlikely you’ll find one that fits your hammock perfectly.

Having said that, many modern models do come with some level of adjustment. This means they can be flexible to different hammock shapes, and therefore make themselves more suitable for yours.


The very best hammock underquilts are light weight – there’s no doubt that the lighter yours is, the better. Provided it hasn’t sacrificed warmth in order to be lightweight, this means that it’s easy to carry, pack away and store.

Something under 20 ounces shouldn’t be too much trouble to carry, but when getting over the 30 to 35-ounce range, just be cautious, as it may wear you down. Anything over 50 ounces is very heavy, and should be avoided if possible. Even though heavier models may provide more warmth, having to carry them around can end up being a huge hassle.


In this modern age, companies have access to the very best equipment when constructing their outdoor products – and that extends to underquilts.

The very best on the market are often made from a durable material that’s also water-repellent, in order to keep you both dry and warm. A nylon or ripstop shell will make sure the underquilt is durable and lasts a long time, whilst preventing it from snagging or tearing on things like rocks, branches or twigs.

The coating makes a huge difference, as being wet outside will severely lower your body temperature, and can end up being extremely dangerous.


When doing anything outdoors, it’s key that your gear is hard-wearing and durable, so it doesn’t break, tear, rip or otherwise. Some lightweight materials – like polyester or nylon – are surprisingly durable, so maybe worth considering.

Even things like the seam construction and reinforcement of certain key points can be the difference between a product lasting a short or long period of time. Although you might have to spend more to get something more suitable, it’ll be worth it!


Another thing you definitely don’t want to ignore is the size – as getting one that’s either too small or too big (both in width and length), it can not only fail to fit snugly into your hammock, but it can also greatly reduce comfort, and result in poor sleep.

When choosing one that’s good for you, bear this in mind, and try and find one with an adjustable setting or property, to help deal with this if it isn’t a perfect size match.

If you’re looking to maximize insulation and lock in your warmth, finding one that fits well, but that isn’t too snug. Tiny differences in size can help you move around in the night, but a big difference in size will make big gaps, and let too much heat escape.

Water Repellency

If you’re planning on staying anywhere with moisture – whether that be humidity, snow or rainfall – you’ll definitely want to think about water repellency.

This helps both your hammock and underquilt stay dry, ensuring comfort and retaining crucial warmth. Even the best hammock underquilt is virtually useless if it’s wet, as it’ll almost immediately lose any heat it has produced. As well as this, many materials actually get heavier when they’re wet, meaning they’ll be harder to carry, and have more of a strain on you.

Be sure to get something that’s extremely water-resistant, but bear in mind, very few outdoor fabrics are 100% water-repellent, so if moisture or rain does come, the dryness won’t last forever.

3-Season vs. 4-Season Rating

A ‘season’ rating for an outdoor product – especially camping products – refers to the number of seasons it’s suitable for. 1-season products are suitable only for summer, 3-season for summer, spring and autumn, and 4-season underquilts can be used year-round.

4-season products, in particular, are designed for winter, but can also be used in other seasons, provided adjustments are made to make them more suited. For an ideal temperature, it’s best to get the correct season rating, in order to prevent you from being too hot or too cold.

4-season underquilts are suitable to temperatures as low as 10 degrees, whereas 3-season underquilts are suitable down to 20 or 30 degrees F. Although a 4-season underquilt can technical be used year-round, we wouldn’t advise this, as it’s likely to be too hot and provide some discomfort.

So, depending on your needs, you might need to purchase more than one to fit the range of temperatures and seasons you’re hoping to use them for. You might need to fork out more money for this, but it’s definitely worth it.


Like with various products – both outdoor-related or not – there’s a huge range of prices. Though getting something cheap isn’t the primary goal, you want to make sure you’re getting enough for your hard-earned cash.

Prices for underquilts start at around $50, but can rise to over four times that mark. Pick an ideal budget for you, but be willing to stretch it a little if it ensures you’ll get something of superior quality. We found that the $100-$150 mark works well.

What is a Hammock Underquilt?

A hammock underquilt is pretty much exactly what the name suggests – it’s a type of material that lines the hammock in order to provide added insulation, and ultimately create extra comfort and warmth.

This is made possible by radiating the heat you produce from your own body, whilst also battling off the external cold.

Types of Hammock Underquilts

hammock underquilt

Hammock underquilts can be split into two main types:

Synthetic Hammock Underquilt

Although synthetic underquilts might lack the comfort that down underquilts offer, they’re much more efficient when it comes to moisture. They dry quicker and resist moisture as a whole a lot better.

They also tend to be on the cheaper side, making them ideal for those who don’t have a huge budget. The main downside to synthetic underquilts is that they don’t compress quite as well as down underquilts, making them more difficult to store and carry around. But still, they’re a great choice for those on a budget.

Down Hammock Underquilt

Most seasoned hammock sleepers will opt this type of underquilt, as they’re not only extremely efficient in creating and radiating warmth, but can also be compacted to a very small size, making them extremely efficient too.

Having said this, they’re far from perfect, as they’re not as quick-drying or water-resistant as some synthetic underquilts, and can become a nightmare if they’re exposed to too much moisture. But when in the right conditions, these underquilts perform excellently.

Why Buy a Hammock Underquilt?

It should go without saying, but the material of a hammock alone often doesn’t provide much protection from harsh weather and low temperatures. Underquilts provide an added layer of support in this region, making sure you stay warm throughout the night.

The same way you might want to wear a fleece under your outdoor jacket for extra warmth, underquilts work in much the same way – after all, being stuck outside in the cold wouldn’t be fun!

What About DIY Hammock Underquilts?

Despite the often-complicated technology and construction that goes into underquilts, it’s actually possible to make your own – perfect for those DIY enthusiasts. And it’s not too hard either!

By purchasing your own down or synthetic material – either in a sleeping bag or throw form – you can sew your own together to save yourself money, but also add a more personal touch to your gear. Bear in mind, that you’ll need to be handy with a sewing machine, as well as having an understanding of how underquilts work beforehand.

Hammock Underquilt vs. Sleeping Bag vs. Sleeping Pad

Despite being a great option when sleeping in a hammock, not everyone chooses to go with an underquilt. Some people prefer sleeping pads or sleeping bags, as they find that there’s more insulation and better comfort when sleeping, and are sometimes more affordable too.

Sleeping bags in particular have many uses, as they can be used when sleeping on the ground, a camping bed, air bed, camping matt, or when sleeping in a hammock as well.

The main downside to using a sleeping bag is that, as it lays directly on top of the hammock itself, it can sometimes compress some of the parts, leading to a lack of insulation.

Sleeping pads, in particular, are very cheap, but also come with this issue if not used correctly. So, when deciding what’s best for you, be sure to do your research on each!

How to Use a Hammock Underquilt?

double hammock underquilt

Here are the steps you should take:

1. Fixate the Hammock

The first thing you’ll want to do is fix the hammock in place, and make sure it’s in a stable and suitable position.

This can be done by fastening it to tree trunks or other firm supports – just make sure to fasten it tightly and with an appropriate knot or apparatus. Once this is done, test it by adding a bit of pressure, just to ensure it holds in place.

2. Put the Underquilt on Top of the Hammock

Place the underquilt on top of the hammock, making sure it’s placed correctly, and ensure a snug and secure fit. Make sure it’s firmly in place before moving on.

3. Fasten the Underquilt

Once correctly in place, fasten the underquilt tightly, in order to prevent it from moving or shifting out of place. This is to make sure it correctly performs its job in a reliable way.

4. Put Some Extra Padding

If you want to add some extra padding – such as mattresses, liners, or even pillows – put these in place to make sure they fit appropriately. Just make sure not to place in too much, as this will alter the shape and structure inside the underquilt.

5. Test the Setup

Finally, test the complete setup by moving the hammock around lightly, and adding pressure in certain parts, to ensure it’s stable, and everything stays in place. This is the final check to make sure it’s all securely where it needs to be.

Are Hammock Underquilts Safe?

Absolutely! The best hammock underquilts nowadays are designed in a way to ensure their safety at all times. They are designed to be both safe in structure and design – to stop them from hurting you – as well as being safe against the elements, made with weather-resistant and heat-radiating material to ensure you’re kept comfortable when in use.

The main hazard with them is fire damage, as many of them use materials that aren’t particularly fire-resistant, so be cautious of this.

How to Maintain a Hammock Underquilt?

Here’s how to maintain your hammock underquilt:

Wash It Often

Being so close to the body, as well as nature, underquilts can get dirty over long-term use. Be sure to watch them regularly and keep them in good condition.

This will extend their lifespan, and ensure it doesn’t contain any bad odors or germs for the next time you’ll use it. Some are even machine washable, so it’s as easy as washing normal bedding!

Dry the Underquilt Before You Store It

Make sure you dry your underquilts before storing them away. If they retain too much moisture before being stored, they’ll build up mold and mildew, and won’t last very long.

Consider Weight Capacity

Make sure you don’t overload the fabric with too much weight. Check the weight limit as this could risk tearing or puncturing the material.

Use It Only When You Really Need It

This one should go without saying, but the more you use it, the less time it will last. Make sure to use it only when you need to, and be careful in general when using it, making sure not to apply too much pressure or stress in certain areas.

Inspect the Underquilt Regularly

It’s easier to prevent an underquilt from breaking than it is to fix it after it’s broken. Check it regularly to make sure it’s clean and still working. Check for holes, dirt or anything else, and repair these when you can, before the damage gets any worse.


How heavy should my hammock underquilt be?

It depends on the particular item and the materials it’s made from – too light and it may lack thermal properties and insulation, too heavy and it’ll be hard to carry around when traveling to different locations.

There’s no ideal weight, but provided it’s suitable for the environment you’re going to be in, the lighter the better, especially when camping.

What are the benefits of the best hammock underquilt?

They ensure you keep warm when sleeping outside, allowing you to have a comfortable and restful night’s sleep, even in the worst conditions.

What are the features of hammock underquilts?

Strong, durable, hardwearing, resilient and water-resistant – though each one is made differently, so it depends on the make and model.

What are the other uses of hammock underquilts?

Some users also use theirs the same way they would use sleeping bags or even blankets. Just bear in mind that this isn’t what this product is intentionally designed for, but provided you use it with care, it can fit this role absolutely fine.

Is it dangerous to use a hammock underquilt?

This is very unlikely – however, when used incorrectly they can cause suffocation or heat exhaustion. So, if you choose to use one, make sure to only use it for both the environment and intention that it’s made for.

What safety tips should I know before using a hammock underquilt?

As mentioned earlier, the main concern should be fire. Keep these well away from any heat sources or open flames, as they may catch a light and become a serious hazard.

Final Thoughts

As for the best on this list, our pick would definitely have to be the KING SHOWDEN Hammock underquilt. Not only does it have the lowest temperature rating on this list – minus 10 degrees! – it also provides fantastic insulation, whilst remaining comfortable and cozy.

It’s made of a durable material, and even packs down well into a compression sack, protecting it from damage, whilst ensuring it can be stored away with ease. It’s light, water-repellent, and made of a high-quality material, so it’s a fantastic addition to any outdoor-goers gear.

All in all, a reliable product that you won’t regret picking up – our pick for the best hammock underquilt around!

David Miller

My name is David and I have been an outdoor guy for as long as I can remember. I have a strong passion for the great outdoors in general and specifically camping. I am the kind of person who spends more time outdoors than indoors. I am a staunch believer in the fact that outdoor life should be well lived because it's in the natural, serene, and untamed wild that we find out who we truly are. Let’s take the journey together.

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