8 Best Hammock Top Quilts for the Money in 2020

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If you like relaxing outdoors on a hammock, then what you need is a hammock top quilt. A quilt is also very useful during your camping and backpacking adventures. It keeps you warm and comfortable outdoors, especially during those chilly nights.

When looking for a top quilt for your hammock, you’ll surely come across a number of different options. Each product comes with its own unique features and deciding on the best one to buy might be somewhat tricky, especially if you don’t know much about hammock quilts.

To help you during this process, we’ll provide our own recommendations below along with tips on how to choose the best hammock top quilt on the market.

Best Hammock Top Quilt Reviews

You’ll find various options for top quilts online, but we believe that the products below are worth checking out. These products are among the best-rated top quilts online and a lot of customers are quite satisfied with them.

1. Go Outfitters Top Quilt

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When looking for a hammock top quilt, it’s a good idea to invest in a versatile model. That way, you can use the quilt for various purposes. When it comes to this, the Go Outfitters Top Quilt is highly recommended. It’s designed for use during the cold and warm weather.

This versatile 2-in-1 quilt is perfect for when you want to enjoy the cold weather on a campfire. Simply wrap it around your shoulders and use it as a blanket. When it’s time to sleep, turn it into a quilt with the help of the YKK button and shock-cord ends.

Made from 100% polyester material, the Go Outfitters Top Quilt is not only comfortable to use but also durable and waterproof. It has a length of 7 feet and a width of 53 inches. Weighing only 2.3 pounds, bringing this quilt with you on your camping trip should be a breeze.

Furthermore, the Go Outfitters Top Quilt has synthetic insulation on the inside that will keep you warm and comfortable during the cold winter nights. Its temperature rating is 20 degrees.

  • Made from 100% polyester material
  • Synthetic insulation
  • 20-degree temperature rating
  • Versatile 2-in-1 hammock top quilt
  • Built-in footbox
  • Waterproof
  • May not accommodate a tall person
  • Some feel it is not that warm

2. KAMMOK Firebelly Trail Quilt

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Another versatile top quilt that we would highly recommend is the KAMMOK Fireball Trail Quilt. This one is designed for use in cold weather. It can also be used as a comforter, underquilt, top quilt, or a sleeping bag. As you relax outdoors after your hike, simply wear it over the shoulders to protect your body from the cold.

When bedtime comes, simply snap the YKK button and the shock-cord ends in order to create a foot box and use it as a top quilt. If you want better ventilation, just leave the quilt open. In case you want to sleep on the ground, just strap the quilt into the sleeping pad.

What makes the Firebelly Trail Quilt stand out from the rest is that it’s larger than most of the top quilts on the market. Still, you should be able to fit it into a stuff sack, and conveniently carry it with you on your backpacking trip.

As for the materials used, this quilt features a nylon ripstop fabric that’s both durable and lightweight. It features DownTek fill for insulation, which effectively keeps you warm in the cold weather.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Portable and compact
  • Ultra-versatile
  • Warm down insulation
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • None

3. Western Mountaineering AstraLite Quilt

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The Western Mountaineering Astralite Quilt is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who frequently go on a camping or backpacking trip. Featuring top-tier craftsmanship, high-quality design and impressive weight to warmth ratio, this is the perfect companion on your camping trips.

Just like with the other products from Western Mountaineering, this quilt features an 850 fill power and untreated European down, which is capable of resisting moisture and trapping heat to keep you warm and comfortable. Featuring a unique mummy shape, this top quilt is well-suited for any mummy-shaped sleeping pad and eliminates any uneven cushioning, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night.

The best thing about this product is that it has durable closures, unlike most of what’s available on the market. It wraps your body snugly from top to bottom and its top collar can be easily draped in your shoulder, which helps to keep you warm even further.

In addition, its closure system could easily accommodate different body types. So, you’re not the only one who can benefit from this quilt but a friend or another family member can as well.

  • Available in two different sizes
  • Made of 7D shell material
  • Great insulation with 850-fill power
  • Mummy shape
  • Very compressible design
  • None

4. OneTigris Highlander Hammock Top Quilt

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OneTigris is a brand known for producing some of the best gear and equipment for campers and backpackers, which is why we believe that this OneTigris Highlander Hammock Top Quilt is one of the best hammock top quilts out there.

When it comes to quality, this quilt will definitely not disappoint. Not only that, but it comes with excellent features, such as a 700 fill power. Furthermore, it’s capable of keeping you warm during extreme temperatures, up to -10°C. This quilt features a hollow back design, which allows easy movement as you sleep.

Customers are also impressed with the quality of service that they have received from the company’s customer care team. The exterior materials are made of windproof nylon, which is waterproof and durable and is guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable.

  • Bottomless design
  • Can fit with all types of hammocks
  • Features a goose down filling
  • Made from 20D windproof rip-stop plait nylon
  • Includes a durable winter bag
  • May not keep some warm enough

5. Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Hybrid Top Quilts

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Another product that we would recommend for camping enthusiasts is the Outdoor Vitals Ultralight TopQuilt. With a 30-degree temperature rating, this quilt is definitely the perfect accessory to take with you on your camping trip.

The company behind this great product has been in the business for three years now and is selling its products online exclusively. This is to ensure that their products are distributed to customers at very reasonable prices. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced quilt, the Ultralight TopQuilt is worth checking out.

Even if you’re camping under the coldest weather conditions, this quilt will surely keep you warm and comfortable, thanks to its unique drawstring construction. As a matter of fact, some users say that it tends to get very warm sometimes. The inner material features LoftTek insulation, which makes sure you won’t freeze whenever the weather gets too cold.

  • Comes with a unique drawstring construct
  • Has a high-temperature rating
  • Lightweight design
  • Made from a polyester rip-stop
  • Available in two sizes
  • Can get too warm sometimes
  • Doesn’t come with a zipper

6. ENO Eagles Nest Top Quilt

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If you’re in need of a high-quality quilt that won’t cost you a lot of money, yet is effective enough in keeping you warm and cozy during the cold weather, the ENO Eagles Top Quilt could be a good option. A lot of customers are very satisfied with how this quilt has kept them warm and cozy during the cold winter weather.

This well-designed quilt is very versatile and can be used for camping and backpacking. But the biggest selling point of this product is its impressive temperature rating as well as its light weight.

Customers are happy with the fact that they can easily get out of this quilt when they need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, thanks to its design without a zipper. Furthermore, its foot box is a convertible, which helps to ensure the heat stays inside even when you occasionally get out of it.

It’s made from a soft nylon lining that’s so comfortable that you may not want to get up. Indeed, this is the best hammock top quilt for all kinds of weather, so it’s perfect for those who go on camping trips in both the warm and cold seasons.

  • Easy to get in and out
  • Doesn’t weigh much
  • Can be packed down in a small size
  • Polyester insulation
  • The Velcro foot-box is noisy
  • Could be of higher quality

7. Rumpl The Down Blanket

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If you’re going camping in summer, the Rumpl The Down Blanket is what we would suggest for you. This quilt is a favorite ever since it was first launched five years ago. In fact, it reached 100 percent funding after just a few hours when it was launched.

This product is among Rumpl’s premium line of quilts, which is known for delivering optimum warmth and comfort to the wearer. Weighing only a pound, this quilt can compress into a compact size of 5 by 6 inches. It’s made from a durable nylon fabric that’s capable of repelling dirt, water, odor, and stains.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that it can be machine washed and it dries pretty easily. There’s no longer a need to use a washboard and tub to hand wash this quilt after every use.

  • Available in 9 different colors
  • Brings warmth anywhere
  • Dryer safe
  • Machine washable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Very thin

8. OneTigris Black Orca FeatherLite Ultralight Sleeping Quilt

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This product from OneTigris isn’t like your traditional sleeping bag. It has a unique diamond shape gap, which is very useful when used along with air mattresses and waterproof mats to reduce weight. This quilt weighs 35 ounce only and can work best when used as a blanket due to its sock bottom, which snugly wraps around your feet. With a 700 fill power, it’s definitely a great companion for your camping adventures.

The company behind this product is committed to producing high-quality gears because they understand the importance of using a reliable accessory when exploring the mighty outdoors. This quilt is also very versatile. You can use it spread out or you can seal it at the bottom using a clasp so you can enjoy a warm and cozy night outdoors.

  • 20D ripstop nylon
  • Available in two different colors
  • Hollowed back design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Versatile
  • None

How to Choose the Best Hammock Top Quilt

hammock top quilt

So now that you have a list of the best hammock top quilts on the market, you’re probably wondering which among these products you should choose.

Here are the most important factors that you need to take into consideration:

Temperature Rating

The outdoor industry has set a standardized temperature rating for sleeping bags, and this has helped to improve quilt reliability. Prior to this, most of the manufacturers inflated the temperature ratings of their sleeping bags and quilts to 10 degrees.

When choosing the best quilt to buy, always go for a product that’s 10 degrees warmer than what you would really need. That way, you can be certain that it will keep you warm enough during the cold weather. For those who have a much lower tolerance to the cold, consider adding 15-20 degrees of insulation, which is usually the case for most women.


Remember that your main purpose when using a quilt is to keep warm and comfortable. Therefore, think about the insulation when deciding what to buy. When it comes to this, refer to the quilt’s fill power. The best ones usually have a fill power of 950, 900, 850, or 600. Keep in mind that it’s the fill power that gives insulation to the quilt so this is a crucial factor to check before buying.

The compressibility of the quilt will also depend on its quilt power. Furthermore, quilts that have an insulated down tend to be more durable. They are guaranteed to last longer despite regular use. There are some manufacturers that treat the downs with a coating to repel water. This is a great solution, especially because you’ll be using the quilt outdoors where it could be exposed to moisture.

If you happen to purchase a top quilt that has no waterproof coating, it’s a good idea to store it inside a waterproof sack. Also, look for a good campsite to set up your hammock. It should be in a place that’s not prone to flooding.


If you’re going to carry the quilt with you on your camping trip, then weight is an important factor to think about. Although it’s crucial to choose something that’s lightweight and easy for you to carry, don’t ever compromise on comfort and quality.

Remember that the quilt’s insulation is its lightest component. Most of the quilt’s weight comes from the materials that it’s made from. So, when it comes to the weight, find out what materials were used when making the quilt.

It’s a good idea to choose a quilt that’s made from breathable fabric. Also, consider other features, such as the DWR coating. This is very useful for when your top quilt accidentally becomes wet. If you’ll be using the quilt on a regular basis, then you should choose a model that has a tougher inner shell.


Most top quilts that are used for the outdoors have the same specifications but they slightly differ on the features. Others are equipped with great features that help to improve their ability to keep you warm and comfortable.

Among these are the YKK button snap, 190T PONGEE insulation, and draft collars. There are also those that come with a pad attachment that’s strapless, which is usually more comfortable compared to those that come with straps. Furthermore, some of the quilts come with a head hole, which allows the user to wear it like a garment when sleeping.


It’s also important to think about the size of the quilt before buying. The manufacturer will usually provide information on the sizing but you should check whether the foot-box is included in the size or not.

If you intend to use the quilt only in the hammock, then the foot box is no longer necessary. However, if you want to use it in the ground too, then you need an extra amount of insulation for the foot box.


Quilts aren’t intended for use only on a hammock. It’s important that you choose something that’s versatile enough to be used for other activities as well. For instance, look for a quilt that you can completely unzip and use as a blanket. That way, you can use it even during the warm weather.

Quilts that are wider in size can also be used for a range of activities. Aside from using it on a hammock, a wide top quilt can also be used for sleeping on the ground.

Foot Box

When camping during the warm weather, it would be a great idea to carry a comfortable and versatile top quilt that’s opened around the feet area and provides excellent ventilation. However, during the cold winter weather, it’s best to opt for something that comes with additional insulation on your feet. This is why some of the top quilts for hammock come with a foot box.

It’s a good idea to choose a versatile top quilt that comes with a convertible foot box. This quilt can be zipped, buttoned or cinched using a drawstring whenever you need to use it during the cold weather. This is a great choice for those who are going on a camping trip during the summer and tend to be warm sleepers.


The best hammock top quilt usually comes with a specialized baffling design that can help minimize downshifting. Depending on the manufacturer, there are various ways on how this is done. Of course, every manufacturer will claim to be the best.

This will all come down to your own personal preferences. If you find something that you like, then go for it. Just check to make sure that it has a high-quality baffling that’s capable of keeping you down in place.

Why is a Top Quilt Better Than a Sleeping Bag?

If you’ve been camping for a while now, then you’re probably used to bringing a sleeping bag with you to keep you warm while sleeping. Thus, you might find the quilt unnecessary.

But here are some of the benefits of using a top quilt instead of a sleeping bag.

Specifically Designed for Hammock Use

If you’re going to sleep in a hammock during your camping, then a top quilt is more suitable than a sleeping bag. This is because the quilt is specifically designed for this purpose. The quilt is lined with insulation at the right places to make sure that you stay warm as you lie down on the hammock. It offers more protection at the top part, which is what’s fully exposed.

It’s Easy to Get in and Get Out

The hammock top quilt comes with an opening that allows you to easily get in and out of the hammock. With a sleeping bag, you’ll have to spend time unzipping it just to be able to get out fast, which can be very inconvenient. The quilt doesn’t come with zippers so it’s not too complicated to get up whenever you need to pee in the middle of the night.

Can Be Compressed in a Smaller Size

If you want to bring the quilt with you on a camping trip, you can greatly benefit from its compact design. It’s light enough to be stored in your backpack, which you can easily bring on the camping site.

More Affordable

If you’ve purchased a sleeping bag before, then you knew that this gear is somewhat pricey. The top quilt is much cheaper, which is why it’s great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a sleeping bag.

Final Thoughts

The Go Outfitters Top Quilt is the most popular product on this list and has earned a high rating online. Indeed, there are so many things to love about this top quilt.

First of all, it’s made from synthetic insulation that can be easily washed and dries pretty quickly. Featuring a 2-in-1 design, this quilt is very versatile. It can be used in a hammock or when sleeping on the ground in a tent.

So, when it comes to the best hammock top quilt, the Go Outfitters model is highly recommended.

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