Best Camping Mattress for Couples in 2020: Top Picks

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Looking for the best camping mattress for couples is somewhat more challenging than looking for a single mattress due to the limited options available.

But if you want to take your partner with you on your next camping trip, then you should take some time to do your research.

The good news is that we can help you find the best mattress that can accommodate both you and your partner. In fact, we’ll provide you with a list of recommendations.

Although most campers prefer to use a sleeping bag for camping, a camping mattress is actually a much better option. The mattress is very thick, so your body will be elevated a bit more from the ground, allowing you to sleep better.

This is also perfect for winter since the mattress can serve as insulation to protect your body from the cold.

Camping Mattress for Couples Reviews

There are many advantages that you can enjoy when using a camping mattress over a sleeping bag.

If you’re ready to shop for the best camping mattress, here are some of the products that we highly recommend.

1. Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

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This self-inflating sleeping pad from Exped is perfect for couples that enjoy outdoor camping.

It’s made with TPU polyester and the bottom portion is made from 75D polyester to make it tough. With a size of 52 x 77 inches, this mattress can accommodate two people comfortably.

The Exped Megamat Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad is filled with PU foam that’s OEKO-TEX 100% Certified. The PU foam is incorporated with open cells that help suck the air to allow the bed to self-inflate.

It’s thick enough to provide insulation and keep you warm during cold weather. In case the mattress takes a long time to self-inflate, a mini pump can be used to manually inflate it.

Plus, it’s also possible to deflate the mattress using a separate valve, which also gives you the option to adjust the firmness level.

Given the excellent construction and the superior materials used when making this mattress, it’s definitely a good camping mattress to use on your camping trip. It helps you and your partner to sleep comfortably even in the cold weather.

  • 3.9 inches thick
  • Can be inflated easily with the help of a compact mini pump
  • Insulated to provide warmth and comfort throughout the seasons
  • Soft and comfortable to sleep on
  • Comes in two colors
  • 3D construction
  • Inflation takes a bit of time

2. Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed

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Coleman is known for producing some of the most excellent products for camping and this Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed deserves to be on this list of the best camping mattress for couples.

It has a velvety sleeping surface so you’ll feel comfortable sleeping in it.

Like most of the products from Coleman, this camping mattress is made from durable materials. So, it can certainly withstand rugged use outdoors.

You can even let your pet join you in it and you won’t have to worry about the mattress getting scratched from your pet’s paws.

This inflated mattress features an Air Tight System and Double Lock Valve, just like the other Coleman camping beds for two.

What’s great about this camping mattress is that it can hold the air very well even if you don’t pump it off for days. This is such a great option for campers who need a mattress that won’t lose pressure easily.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with the wrap n roll storage system, so you can easily roll it off after use. Plus, it’s light and compact enough to carry on your camping trip.

  • Can be folded, rolled and stored easily
  • Sits low to the ground, which is easy for kids to climb up
  • The sleeping surface has a velvety texture that offers more comfort
  • AirTight system
  • Comes in white color which can get very dirty
  • May not work as well as expected

3. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

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This Lightspeed Outdoor 2 Person PVC-free Air Bed Mattress is an ideal companion on the couple’s camping trips.

It has a battery-operated pump so you won’t have any issues with deflating or inflating it. Plus, it comes with an oversized storage bag where you can keep the mattress after use and conveniently carry it with you.

At a size of 80.8 inches x 55.1 inches, this mattress is big enough to accommodate couples. In fact, you can use a bedsheet for queen-sized beds to cover it.

Once folded, it measures at 16.5 x 8.9 x 8.9 inches only. Thus, you’ll be able to easily pack the mattress and carry it with you wherever you go. 

  • 2-way Boston valve that makes it possible to adjust the firmness
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes in five colors
  • 1-year warranty coverage
  • Material is abrasion-resistant
  • May not hold air after a few uses
  • Has a tendency to get ripped easily

4. Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

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When it comes to versatility, the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress is highly recommended. Although this mattress is designed for camping, you can also use it as an extra mattress in your home.

This air mattress is spacious enough to accommodate two individuals, which is why it’s great for couples.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the Etekcity air mattress is considered one of the best camping air mattresses for couples due to its unique construction and durable materials. The mattress is 0.4 mm thick and is made from non-toxic PVC materials.

So even if you use this mattress on a regular basis, you can be sure that it’s going to last for a long time. Once the mattress is inflated, it can go up to 9 inches above the floor.

It also provides insulation, which is why it’s comfortable enough to use when camping during the cold season.

This mattress is firm but flexible enough to provide you with a comfortable sleeping surface. In fact, those who suffer from joint and back pain will find this mattress soothing to sleep on.

It’s because the mattress helps maintain the spine’s curvature so you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a real bed.

In addition, the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress comes with a portable air pump that you can charge through an AC or DC connection.

You can fully inflate the bed in just a minute and you can get it deflated in seconds! After deflating, simply roll the mattress into a handy size and carry it with you wherever you go.

  • Can be inflated and deflated fast and easy
  • Includes a rechargeable air pump
  • Textured base
  • Made in the US
  • Very supportive
  • 1-year warranty
  • Bulky and heavy
  • May have valve issues

5. Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set

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Intex is a popular brand of inflatable pools and they have a good range of airbeds too.

When it comes to camping mattresses, the Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set is a great choice. It comes with a soft flocked top that offers an extra layer of comfort, thanks to its velvety feel.

The mattress is 8.75-inch thick, which should be enough to keep you and your partner feel comfortable when sleeping.

Featuring a waterproof design, this bed can be used even in wet conditions. You can place it directly on the ground without worrying about damaging it.

The only thing that customers complain about with this bed is that it takes a long time to inflate when using it for the first time. This is because the vinyl must first be stretched out into full size.

You have to endure pumping for a long time while waiting for the mattress to inflate. However, you have to do this only once. It will eventually be faster and easier.

Just like with the other Intex airbeds, this product comes with a handy air pump that you can use to inflate it. But some sets may not come with the pump. The good thing is that the valve can fit any standard air pump so you can purchase it separately.

And while some customers complained that inflating this mattress will take a lot of your time, deflating is a breeze! You just need to unscrew the valve in order to let out the air and in only a few seconds, the mattress will fully deflate.

You’ll surely love a lot of things about this air mattress. Aside from the ease of deflating it, you can fold it down for transport and storage. Above all, cleaning it only requires soap and water.

  • Comes with 2 inflatable pillows
  • Deflation is quick and easy
  • Flocked top is waterproof and can be cleaned easily
  • Works great with fitted sheets
  • Soft wave beams provide maximum comfort
  • Very complicated to place inside the box
  • Some customers complained about valve leakage

6. Kamp Rite Double Self-Inflating Mattress

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The Kamp Rite Double Self-Inflating Mattress is a versatile mattress that you can use when camping and for other purposes.

This mattress can comfortably accommodate two individuals, which makes it a great choice for couples who are into camping.

You can also use it as an extra bed for sleepovers. Since this mattress is very versatile, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

It has a thickness of 4 inches and the mattress is made of open-cell high-density foam that provides maximum comfort.

The top portion of this air mattress has soft velour that offers warmth and comfort to your tired body. Its base is made of PVC that offers long-lasting durability. Above all, inflating or deflating this air mattress is very effortless!

With the Kamp Rite Double Self-Inflating Mattress, you’ll surely enjoy your camping adventure with your partner. The mattress has excellent craftsmanship and can make for a perfect gift for those who like hiking, camping, etc.

  • 5 inches thick
  • The base is made from durable PVC
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Made from a high-quality material
  • The top has polyester velour that’s soft to touch
  • Made in Canada
  • The seams tend to come apart easily

7. Coleman Air Mattress

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Coleman is one of the trusted brands for camping gears and accessories and this Coleman Air Mattress is definitely worth checking out.

Although it boasts a lot of excellent features, you’ll be surprised to learn that this air mattress isn’t that expensive. So even if you’re on a budget, you’ll surely love it.

The top portion of this camping mattress is made of soft material and can hold the sheets well in place.

Furthermore, it can be compressed into a smaller size for easy storage. It’s worth noting that this mattress doesn’t come with a pump so you’ll have to purchase it separately.

This Air Mattress from Coleman is a great choice for campers on a budget. Even if you need to purchase the pump separately, this is still cheaper than most of the mattresses on this list.

This is great for occasional camping although you can also use the mattress at home just in case guests come for a sleepover and you run out of extra beds.

  • Can accommodate up to 600 lbs. of weight
  • Comes with support lock-reinforced construction
  • Equipped with Coleman’s Airtight System and Double Lock Valve
  • Extra-high design so getting in and out of the mattress is easy
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • The top features a soft plush texture
  • No pump included
  • May not hold air well

8. Aerobed Extra Bed with Built-in Pump 

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The Aerobed Extra Bed comes with a built-in pump and is perfect for a great camping experience. It’s comfortable enough to sleep on and can be carried around easily, thanks to its compact design.

This mattress won’t take up a lot of space in your tent, which adds up to comfort.

The built-in pump works very fast so you can get this mattress inflated in just three minutes. Deflating this pump is even faster and will only take seconds. Thus, you don’t have to waste a lot of time when packing up!

There are certainly a lot of things to love about this mattress. It’s very comfortable to sleep on since it features a flock fleece material that will make you feel like you’re sleeping in your own bed at home.

Furthermore, it has a coil construction that offers the necessary support for your body and prevents any aches and pains.

When it comes to durability, this air mattress doesn’t disappoint. It has a puncture resistance feature that ensures longevity.

The mattress can be cleaned very easily, so even if you use it in the mud or dirt, you won’t have to worry about cleaning it up at a later time.

Although this mattress can also be used in your home for sleepovers, it may not be suitable for long-term use. If the main purpose that you are buying this mattress is to use it as an extra bed in your home, you might as well choose something else.

Nevertheless, this mattress should be fine for occasional camping trips, giving you a restful sleep when camping in the woods.

  • Can be cleaned very easily
  • Inflation will only take 3 minutes
  • Deflation only takes 5 seconds
  • Oval coil construction
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Made from odor-free plastic
  • Cannot support long-term use
  • May not hold air as long as expected

9. KingCamp Light Camping Sleeping Air Mattress

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The KingCamp Light Camping Sleeping Air Mattress is another great product that we would highly recommend for those looking for the best camping air mattress for couples.

This mattress includes a repair kit that’s very useful during those times when the mattress gets damaged.

Aside from the repair kit, you’ll also get a carry bag that’s made from durable Oxford material, which makes carrying this mattress a breeze.

In addition, the mattress has compression straps that further enhance its portability. Users also love how easy it is to inflate this mattress with the help of the built-in pump.

The KingCamp Light Camping Sleeping Air Mattress lets you sleep very comfortably at night. It has a sturdy construction due to its wave design.

Furthermore, the mattress is made with 190T polyester fabric that’s puncture and stretch resistant. This material is also eco-friendly, waterproof, and provides long-lasting performance.

With this camping mattress, you get to choose from two different sizes – double or single. Since you’re looking for something that can be used by couples, then the double size is what you should go for. Measuring 76 x 54.33 x 3.93 inches, it’s big enough to accommodate you and your partner.

  • Comes with a built-in foot pump
  • Available in two sizes
  • Has compression straps
  • Includes an oversized Oxford carrying bag
  • Made from durable 190T polyester fabric
  • Stretch resistant and waterproof
  • Tends to go flat often
  • Not that comfortable

10. King Koil California King Luxury Raised Air Mattress

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If you don’t mind paying for a quality air mattress, then you should go with this King Koil California Luxury Raised Air Mattress. This camping mattress offers convenience and comfort during your camping trip.

When inflated, the mattress is roomy enough to accommodate two persons. Furthermore, it features a coil beam construction that can handle a maximum weight of 600 lbs.

Indeed, this mattress can give you the best value for your money.

It has a soft-flocking layer that’s comfortable to your body and comes with built-in pillows as well. Those who suffer from back and joint pain will find this mattress very soothing.

So, if you’re looking for an air mattress that has a good weight capacity and provides comfort to your body, the King Koil California King-Sized mattress is a good choice.

  • 600-pound maximum load capacity
  • Available in two colors
  • Comes with 2.5 auto inflatable mechanism
  • Durable construction
  • Provides support to your spinal column when sleeping
  • Easy to use
  • Packing it in a bag is a bit complicated

How to Choose the Best Camping Mattress for Couples

best camping air mattress for couples

One of the most important things that you must carry with you on your camping trip is a mattress.

This is especially true if you’re taking your partner with you. Of course, you want to make your loved one feels as comfortable as possible.

So, how do you choose the best camping air mattress for couples to buy?

Below are some of the most important considerations you should make.


You definitely don’t want a mattress that will take too long to inflate or deflate. Therefore, if you find a mattress that you like, find out how it can be inflated or deflated before buying it.

There are self-inflating mattresses that will inflate on their own but will usually take a long time. Most camping mattresses come with a pump that you can use to inflate and the process of deflation is easy and quick.

So, before you get too excited to purchase a mattress, figure out the process of inflation or deflation so you won’t regret your choice later on.

Heat Retention

Insulation is another important factor to think about, especially if you plan on camping during the cold season.

The ability of the mattress to retain heat is usually indicated by its R-value and the higher this value, the better it can insulate and keep you warm.

It’s recommended to choose a camping mattress with an R-value of 6 and above. This should be enough to keep you warm in the cold. But take note that the higher the R-value, the more expensive the mattress will be.


When looking for the best car camping mattress for couples, find out what materials were used to determine its durability.

Aside from durability, the materials will also indicate if the mattress is comfortable enough to sleep on.

Also, if you want to know if the mattress is waterproof or weatherproof, then refer to the materials used in its construction. It’s a good idea to invest in a mattress that’s made from premium materials that are guaranteed to last a long time.


Comfort is very important. Besides, the main reason why you’re buying the mattress is for you to be able to sleep comfortably. So, if the bed isn’t comfortable for you and your partner, then it totally defeats the purpose.

Usually, this will depend upon the materials used in the sleeping area of the mattress. Some of these products have a velvety texture that’s comfortable enough to sleep on.


Thickness is another important factor to think about in your search for the best camping bed for couples. Remember, the mattress may come into contact with sharp objects like rocks as you place it on the ground.

Therefore, make sure to choose a mattress that’s made from thick materials that won’t end up getting pierced by these sharp objects.


In order for you and your partner to sleep comfortably, you should choose a mattress that’s large enough to accommodate both of you.

Of course, choosing something that’s too big is also not a good idea as it could take up a lot of space in your tent and will be too heavy to carry as well.

So, before you decide to purchase any mattress, find out what the size is and make sure that it’s the right size for your needs.


In order to get the best value for your money, look for a camping mattress that comes with a good warranty.

Remember, you’ll be using the mattress outdoors so it will be constantly exposed to external factors that could easily damage it.

Some of the best brands usually come with good warranties so even though they’re a bit expensive, they’re definitely worth investing for.

Before you pay for the mattress, find out what the warranty policy is so you’ll know how to get the product replaced in case it gets damaged.


As with anything, price is an important consideration when buying something. The best camping mattress shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. You’ll find lots of affordable options online these days.

The price of the camping mattress for couples would vary depending on the materials, features, size, and other factors.

Before you start shopping, it’s best to decide in advance how much you’re willing to pay for the mattress so you can narrow down your search to the products that are within your budget.

Types of Camping Mattresses

Here are the most popular types:


As the name suggests, this mattress inflates on its own. Its foam has an open cell and once the valve opens, it’ll start expanding.

Compared to other types, self-inflating mattresses are usually more comfortable to sleep on as they offer a cushioned feel. However, these mattresses aren’t too compact and are somewhat heavy to carry.

Foam Pads

Foam pads look just like any sleeping mat but they’re made of closed-cell foam. With these mats, there’s no longer a need to inflate them.

You just have to unroll the mat and you can immediately sleep on it. They’re portable and lightweight and can be easily carried on your camping trip.

Air Mattress

Air mattresses are the most popular type of mattress for camping. These mattresses have to be filled with air before you can sleep on them.

They are compact and lightweight so you can easily take them with you on your camping or backpacking trip.


If you need an extension for your camping mattress, the cot is a good option. It has a metal structure that will elevate your mattress a bit so it doesn’t get damaged.

If you and your partner want your mattress to be firm, using a cot is a great choice but the downside is that it can be an effort to carry around. Therefore, it’s more suitable for car camping.

Top Camping Mattress Brands

camping mattress for two

To make it easier for you to search for the best camping air mattress for couples, it would help if you familiarize yourself with the best brands of air mattresses on the market.

Here are some of them:


Coleman is a brand known for making some of the best camping products and accessories, including air mattresses.

What makes their products stand out from the rest is that these mattresses can accommodate a weight of up to 250 kilos! Therefore, their mattresses are not only suitable for couples, but also for those traveling in a group of three.

The Coleman brand of air mattresses isn’t that expensive, yet they’re definitely of premium quality, which is why a lot of people love this brand.

As for the durability, Coleman mattresses will certainly not disappoint. Plus, these mattresses inflate very fast and deflate even faster.

Another great thing about Coleman is that they provide an annual guarantee on their mattresses and include manual instructions with each of the mattresses that they sell. The compactness of the Coleman mattresses makes them ideal for weekend camping trips.

The best thing about Coleman is that they offer their mattresses for a very reasonable price. In fact, their air mattresses cost around $80-$150 only.


SoundAsleep mattresses are a favorite among many campers because they’re light, compact, and portable.

This brand offers a wide variety of air mattresses, including those that will work in the cold weather. Although their mattresses are designed for home use, they are also suitable for camping trips.

Furthermore, it’s so easy to find this brand of mattresses online. You can get them at some of the most popular online stores and should cost you around $100-$150.

The SoundAsleep air mattresses are extremely compact, which is why they appeal to backpackers and campers. For instance, the queen-sized ones weigh only 8-10 kg and can be folded to fit a box of around 50 cm.

What’s more, the company will give you an easy-to-follow instruction manual with every mattress they sell, and of course, you’ll get air pumps as well.


Exped air mattresses don’t come cheap. However, they are a worthy investment.

They are known for producing premium quality mattresses that cater to the high-end market. Each of their mattresses is known for being durable and comfortable.

In most aspects, the mattresses that Exped makes are very innovative in terms of lightness, compactness, and size.

But since these mattresses are thin, they are not recommended for outdoor use, especially when put on the ground where they will be in direct contact with rocks and other sharp materials. Thus, Exped mattresses are recommended for car camping.

They are also known for their self-inflating luxury foam, ergonomic design, simple valve, and rugged design. Furthermore, these mattresses weigh around 3 kg and are around 10-15 cm thick.

What makes Exped different from the rest is that they offer a warranty for their products and can be extended to five years.

Costing around $150-$400, Exped mattresses are among the most expensive brands on the market, yet they are certainly worth it.


Lightspeed may not be very popular but this brand makes some of the best camping mattresses for couples on the market.

Their series of air mattresses are capable of providing you and your partner with utmost comfort as you sleep.

They are definitely a lot better than a sleeping bag. What’s more, they are easy to assemble and you get to choose from a wide range of models and sizes.

If you’re taking your kids on your camping trip too, there are smaller individual mattresses that can work great for your little ones. They also have mattresses that cater to the senior market.

These have an internal air valve that will allow for a convenient inflating and deflating of the mattress. You can be sure that the air won’t be able to escape off the mattresses regardless of how you move around while sleeping in it.


What makes the best camping mattress for couples?

Aside from being durable, a camping mattress should be easy enough to inflate or deflate. Above all, it’s comfortable to sleep in and will provide the necessary support that you need for a comfortable sleep.

Is a heavier mattress better than a lighter mattress?

If comfort is your number one priority, then you might as well opt for a heavy mattress. This is because heavier mattresses are usually thicker and are of higher quality.

Thus, they are more comfortable to lie on and are guaranteed to last longer.

This is the best camping air mattress for couples and small families who go for short camping trips during the weekend.

On the other hand, for long distance camping or hiking trips, the lighter mattresses are a better option since they are much easier to carry around.

Why does my camping mattress deflate?

Due to the constant pressure that the mattress receives, it will eventually deflate. Other factors that can cause the mattress to deflate are its design and temperature.

What is the best brand that makes camping mattresses?

You’ll find several companies that produce and sell the best camping mattresses but the best ones are those that we mentioned above, such as the Coleman, Exped, and SoundAsleep.

Intex, Therm-A-Rest, and KingCamp are also worth checking out.

Do I need to use accessories?

Before, most campers were only concerned with the mattress itself and wouldn’t consider getting any additional accessories. But these days, campers are giving importance to the additional accessories.

Some of the newer models of air mattresses come with added features like small pockets that are usually waterproof. This allows you to store electronic devices like mobile phones and cameras in them.

Is it necessary to use a camping cot?

If you want to elevate your mattress a bit higher from the ground, a camping cot is a great solution. But it’s not really a must.

There are air mattresses that are thick enough to provide enough elevation, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

These mattresses will keep you protected from hardened floor and those sharp objects in the ground.

Should I buy a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam is a great option for a mattress. However, it’s too pricey and not many people will be able to afford this bed.

For those who suffer from body pain or are having a hard time sleeping, memory foam might be a worthy investment.

This bed will mold to your body shape and will maintain this form for a long time, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

However, memory foam mattresses are usually heavy and tend to occupy a lot of space so this is something to consider before getting this type of mattress.

How to choose the best sheets for my camping mattress?

For campers who want to use sheets with their camping mattress, it’s very important that you take measurement of the mattress to make sure that you are getting the right size.

Fitted sheets are a much better option. There are mattresses that have cotton on top and no longer require any sheet for you to sleep on.

Final Thoughts

Of all the camping mattresses we featured above, the Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad easily captured our attention.

This is because this sleeping pad has everything that couples need in a reliable camping mattress.

For one, it’s warm and comfortable enough to sleep on. It’s self-inflating so it won’t require a lot of effort to set up. Of course, it also comes with a mini pump if you want to inflate it quickly.

Above all, this product comes with an innovative carry sack, so you can easily carry it with you on your camping trip. Sure, this product is a bit expensive, but given its great features, it’s really worth investing in.

So, when it comes to the best camping mattress for couples, the Exped Megamat is what we would strongly recommend.

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